Glory Days Sneak Peek

The Lineage II: Glory Days game update is fast approaching! Sneak a peek at these teaser reveals to see what the excitement is all about. Check back on this page every few days to find more teasers added in the coming weeks!



The revamped Vitality system weds the classic popular methods with all-new features! Not only is Vitality reverting to be character-based instead of account-based, but each main class, Subclass, and Dual Class on a character has its own Vitality points, Vitality item weekly limit, and item cooldown specs.


Pagan’s Temple

To prepare for the reincarnation of the demon Triol, Andreas van Halter gathers minions for the Great Sacrifice. The doors of Pagan’s Temple open to characters levels 98 and 99 that are brave enough to challenge these foes!


Dual Class

Explore new benefits and possibilities in the Dual Class system through certificates for special skills and stats boost! Try something completely different by checking out the new Dual Class Re-Awakening system!


Nornil’s Garden

Raid boss Spicula Zero commands droves of cloned Spiculas in Nornil’s Garden! Rise to the challenge in this new daily raid for characters level 93 and higher on the revamped Isle of Souls.


Contestable Clan Hall Raids

Three contestable clan halls can now be obtained through unique raids. Defeat these raid bosses to claim unique rewards and a home for your clan!


Clan Cloak

Represent your clan with pride in town and on the battlefield! Your clan’s Clan Mark now appears on the all-new Clan Cloak obtained from auctionable and contestable Clan Halls.



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