Gifting Now Available in the L2 Store!


Gifting Guide | FAQ

The Lindvior expansion introduced a lot of new content and features, one of them being the much requested L2 Store Item Gifting. You can now purchase and send L2 Store items to in-game friends and clan mates.



Item Gifting is quick and simple to do. Here's a step by step guide that should make maneuvering this user-friendly feature a breeze.


Open the L2 Store


Click "Gift" on the item you wish to send.


Press the + button next to the "Character Name" field.


Choose an existing friend, clan member or add a new friend and to send them a gift to. You can also add a personal message. Click "Give Gift" to send the item. 


Confirm that you want to send this person a gift.


You'll get a confirmation message letting you know it went through ok. 

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Is there a level restriction for sending or receiving items through Item Gifting?

Yes, you must be at least level 85 to send a gift BUT there are no level restrictions on receiving gifts. 

Can I gift everything on the L2 Store?

Yes, all L2 Store items are available for gifting.

Can I gift L2 Galleria exclusive items?

No, items that are exclusively available in the L2 Galleria (webstore) are not available for gifting.

What do I do if I have an issue with Item Gifting or receiving gifts?

Please contact our Customer Support immediately for assistance.

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