Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide


On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 during weekly maintenance Freya will be merged with Naia. With this date rapidly approaching we want to make sure players on both servers are aware of how they'll be affected by the process. First, it's important to note that the plan with this server merge is to transfer Freya characters and clans to Naia directly. Players already on Naia should therefore feel little impact beyond welcoming additional players to the community.

Our goal is to ensure that this process is as smooth and pain-free as possible for everyone, but especially for those of you with characters currently on Freya or Naia. Check out the info below to help you prepare for this merge.


Character Information

Seven Character Maximum: If an account has more than seven characters shared between Freya and Naia, priority of characters will be saved based on the following criteria:

  1. Clan Leaders
  2. Character Level
  3. Character Age
  • You can prepare for the merge and decide exactly which characters will be saved by simply deleting all but seven of your preferred characters between both servers.
  • Note that character deletion takes a minimum of three days.

Character Name Conflicts: If there are duplicate character names following the merge, characters coming from Freya will have to be renamed.

  • Any characters formerly on Freya with a name conflict will automatically be granted a free name change upon logging into the game for the first time after the merge.
  • Name disputes can be appealed by contacting support in cases of name sniping by inactive characters. In general name disputes will be addressed by a combination of factors such as creation date, play time, and level.

Friends List: Freya friends lists will remain intact after the merge, except in cases where a character has been deleted.

Character Stats & Info: All other general character statuses such as skill bar, faction Level, monster collection, class, level, skills, PK, PvP, and raid points are transferred during the merge.

  • Freya pet names will be reset during the merge.



Character Items: All character items from Freya will be transferred over to Naia, except in cases where a character has been deleted due to the account having more than seven total characters.

Dimensional Merchant: Items stored at the Dimensional Merchant will transfer during the merge.

Auction House: Items on the Freya auction house will be canceled and returned to the seller’s warehouse.

  • Posting fees are NOT refunded for canceled auctions.
  • We recommend you refrain from posting any new items for sale on the Freya auction house for a sale period that would end after the merge on June 27.
    • For example: Setting an item for sale for seven days on June 20, if the item goes unsold the auction would naturally end on June 27, resulting in the auction being canceled without a refund of the posting fee.


Clan Information

Clan Name Conflicts: Similar to character names, if there is a clan name conflict, clans coming from Freya will have to be renamed.

  • Clan name conflicts result in a ‘22’ being added to the end of the name. Upon logging into the game, clan leaders may speak with a clan NPC in town and request a different clan name of their choosing if it's available.

Freya Clans: Castles, clan halls, and fortresses on Freya will NOT be transferred to Naia.

Any tax revenue from Freya castles should be claimed no later than the night of Tuesday, June 26. Unclaimed taxes and items stored at the castle will NOT be transferred.

The owners of clan halls that can be auctioned on Freya will be compensated with adena for the loss of the clan halls. Adena compensation will be distributed to the clan warehouse during the merge. Adena compensation will be calculated based on the original purchase price and the duration for which the clan hall was owned.

  • Clan alliances on Freya will be dissolved during the merge.
  • Clan wars on Freya will be dissolved during the merge.
  • Clan emblems on Freya will be reset during the merge.
  • Daily clan reward progress on Freya will be reset during the merge.
  • Clan warehouses on Freya will be transferred to Naia.
  • Clan members, ranking, and skills on Freya are transferred during the merge.

Naia Clans: Castle, clan Hall, and fortress ownership on Naia will be unaffected by the merge, except in cases where the system would normally reset the owner, such as failure to make payments or defend a fortress from attack.


Freya Olympiad

June Olympiad Cycle: As the merge will be conducted before the June Olympiad concludes, the Olympiad on Freya will be closed early on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

  • Rewards for June Olympiad competition will be available to be claimed June 20–27.
  • Hero monuments on Freya will be disabled on June 20, as there will not be a full Olympiad cycle to determine a clear winner.
  • Characters from Freya will be given 40 Olympiad points on June 27 in order to participate in the final week of Olympiad on Naia.
  • Previously earned Marks of Battle on Freya, like other items, will transfer to Naia.

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