Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

Hello all,
As mentioned in the weekly maintenance notification yesterday, we’ve applied a change to select fishing item exchange rates with today’s update. Prior to maintenance 4 Powerful Fish could be exchanged for 3 Elcyum Powder, which made the process of collecting Elcyum Powder via fishing and selling it to a vendor for Adena extremely lucrative. This was an issue resulting from NPC sell values being changed in a previous update, while the exchange rate in the shop wasn’t properly updated to reflect the new prices. It was an oversight on our part that was never intended to provide such a profitable method of earning Adena.
In today’s update we applied a fix so that the same exchange for 3 Elcyum Powder now requires 12 Powerful Fish and yields a more appropriate vendor sell value. We apologize for not identifying and fixing this value discrepancy sooner. Whenever possible we want to avoid letting issues that have a severe, unintentional impact on the game economy persist—we understand that such a generous exchange of fishing items to Adena quickly sets players’ income expectations.
If you ever come across a method of obtaining currency that feels exceptionally rewarding for the effort required, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report in-game.
The Lineage II Team
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