Updated: Final Week for Stone of Destiny, Discounts and More!

This is a friendly reminder that this is the last week that certain L2 Store and L2 Galleria items and offers will be available.

On November 21, 2012:

  • The Stone of Destiny ceases to be available for purchase. This is the last time this item will be sold-- it will not return to the store in the future!
  • The Subclass Change Certificate leaves the store.
  • Current discounts on certain mounts and agathions will end, and these items will return to their original price.
  • The Exploration Packs will be revamped! The current bonus items will no longer be available, and the other contents of the packs will change completely. If you like the current Discovery Pack, Adventure Pack, or Destiny Pack and their bonus items, stock up on the packs now before they leave the store!
  • In addition, the following items will be permanently removed from the store:
    • PvP Pack
    • S-Grade and R-Grade Support Packs
    • Big Kukurin Pouch (has Kukurin Feather Helmet, and Kukurin Mount inside)
    • PC Points Coupon 4-Unit Pack (the 7,000 PC Point Pack will stay in the store)
    • Noblesse Blessing Scroll 5-unit Pack (the 1-unit pack will stay in the store)
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