Exploration Pack Revamp Coming Soon!

This is a friendly reminder that this is the last week that certain L2 Store and L2 Galleria items and offers will be available.

On February 6, 2013:

  • The tradable items and Reputation/PK Scrolls from the January Store update will no longer be available for purchase.

On February 13, 2013:

  • The Exploration Packs will be revamped! Several items in the packs will be removed and replaced with new items. If you like the current Discovery Pack, Adventure Pack, or Destiny Pack and their items, stock up on the packs now before they leave the store!
  • In addition, the following items will be permanently removed from the store:
    • Fancy Flower Hat
    • Unicorn Horn Circlet
    • Assassin’s Bamboo Hat
    • Straw Hat
    • Golden Viking Circlet
    • Flavorful Cheese Hat
    • Royal Circlet of Vesper
    • Chicken Hat
    • Kat the Cat Hat
    • Feline King Hat
    • Feline Queen Hat
    • Arrow-Pierced Apple
    • Rocket Gun Hat
    • Plastic Hair
    • Forest Hat
    • Agathion – Teddy Boy
    • Agathion – Teddy Girl
    • Agathion – Pomona Pack
    • Agathion – Cow Pack
    • Drake Maul Appearance Stone
    • Freya’s Staff Appearance Stone
    • Spezion’s Claw Appearance Stone
    • Maliss Stormer Appearance Stone
    • Steregos’ Dagger Appearance Stone
    • Ron’s Dual Blunt Appearance Stone
    • Darion’s Hellblade Appearance Stone
    • Doll Blader’s Butcher Blade Appearance Stone
    • Tiat’s Claw of Destruction Appearance Stone
    • Aenkinel’s Blades of Delusion Appearance Stone
    • Yehan Klanikus’ Blood Brother Appearance Stone
    • Mardil’s Fan Appearance Stone
    • SP Rune 50% 1-Hour Pack
    • SP Rune 50% 7-Day Pack
    • SP Rune 200% 1-Hour Pack
    • SP Rune 200% 7-Day Pack
    • Luxury Cocktail
    • Noblesse Blessing Scroll
    • Lucky Enchant Stone: Weapon D-S-grades
    • Lucky Enchant Stone: Armor D-S-grades
    • Scroll: Enchant Armor D-S-grades
    • Scroll: Enchant Weapon D-S-grades
    • Blessed Scroll of Escape
    • Blessed Scroll of Escape: Castle
    • Blessed Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall
    • 5,000 Mysterious Soulshots C-S-grades
    • 5,000 Mysterious Blessed Spiritshots C-S-grades
    • Extra Pass – Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)
    • Extra Pass – Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss)
    • Extra Pass – Kamaloka (Rim Kamaloka)
    • Minion Coupon
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