Elemental Shirt Reminder; Get Your Enchantment Rewards


The Elemental Shirts of the Gods be gone from the L2 Store on Wednesday, August 7th during our weekly scheduled maintenance. This is your last chance to level up your Elemental Shirts to +7 or higher and gain awesome rewards.

For those that have enchanted their Elemental Shirts of the Gods from level 7 to 10 at the end of the promotion will receive one of the following rewards:

Enchantment Rewards
Enchantment Level 7            Scroll of Blessing Pack: You will gain one Scroll of Blessing (R1/R2/R95/R99) at random. Scroll of Blessing: The Blacksmith of Mammon can exchange standard weapons or armor for Blessed equipment based on item grade.
Enchantment Level 8 Life Stone Instilled with Giants' Power: Used on a characters to augment them with special skills. Can be used at level 85 or above.
Enchantment Level 9 Sealed Talisman of Longing: When equipped, increases Max HP, MP, and CP by 600, P. and M. Accuracy by 2, P. and M. Evasion by 2, Vampiric Rage 3% effect, Atk. Spd. and Casting Spd. by 50, Critical Rate by 30, M. Critical Rate by 10, P. Atk. by 303, M. Atk. by 356, Skill Power by 4%, Damage Reflect Resistance by 30, P. M. Def. by 60, and STR/INT/CON/MEN/DEX/WIT by 2. MP consumption decreases by 3%. Can be used at level 85 or above.
Enchantment Level 10 Epic Boss Accessory of your choice: Your choice of one Epic Boss accessory (examples: Necklace of Valakas, Earring of Antharas, Earth Wyrm Heart Ring, etc.)

What if you already enchanted an Elemental Shirt the last time they went on sale? You're still eligible for the rewards!

You're not limited by how many you have per character either. If you have 10 enchantment level 7 Elemental Shirts, you'll receive 10 Scroll of Blessing Packs. Rewards will be delivered by August 9th. To qualify for the rewards, you need to have a shirt with the corresponding enchantment level at the time the promotion ends (August 7th at 9am PST).

If you have any questions about the Elemental Shirts of the Gods, please feel free to post your questions on the Lineage II forum.

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