Compensation for Server Issues

Dear Devoted Customer,

As many of you know, technical issues have created gameplay problems in the past week, leading to a less than optimal game experience for affected players. We deeply understand how difficult it can be to play in these conditions and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. You, the player community, are very important to us and we want to show you that we care and are working to right any wrongs that have happened.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players for bearing with us, and to compensate you for these inconveniences with a special gift!

xprune.jpg 1 Rune of XP 50% - 5 Hour Pack: Contains a Rune of XP 50% 5-hour limited period. Cannot be exchanged or dropped. Can be shared with characters on the same server and same account via the Dimensional Merchant. The Rune of XP 50% 5-hour limited period item increases acquired XP by 50% if the item is stored in the character’s inventory. Remaining time decreases even when not playing. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.
luxurycocktail.jpg 5 Luxury Cocktails: Each cocktail gives you powerful buffs to greatly enhance your character’s combat abilities for 30 minutes. These items cannot be exchanged or dropped, but can be shared between characters on the same server and same account via the Dimensional Merchant.

The above items will be distributed on January 25, 2012 to the highest level character per account. The character in question must be level 20 or higher and have logged into the game after January 11, 2012. Please note that being on a subclass affects the determination of what character is highest level.


Putting troubles aside, let us look forward to an exciting week to come!

Players were restrained by the technical issues but may now play free of these bonds and maximize their gameplay thanks to a series of helpful server settings!

  • Live life on the edge and fight without fear, for the death penalty is gone! If your character is killed by a monster or during PvP, he or she will not lose any experience points. However, characters will still lose experience points if they die while Chaotic.
  • Give your weapon a makeover! The Augmentation Removal Fee is reduced to 1 Adena, so you’ll save a lot of money by changing your weapon’s augment this week.
  • The Gatekeepers in Lineage II wish to contribute to this event by offering free teleports for the whole week! A few of the unconventional Gatekeepers, such as the Primeval Isle guy, decided to be lame and not participate, so their fees remain.

This settings event will last from January 25 to February 1, 2012. The settings are server-wide and affect all characters, regardless of class, level, or location in-game.


Regarding the on-going matters, we continue to pursue fixes and solutions to all existing issues.

  • Tersi’s Light Agathion Removal: This change was meant to happen with the January 18, 2012 maintenance. Unfortunately, the agathions remain and the issue related to them continues. An emergency maintenance on January 19, 2012, will remove this item and the event NPC's link to them. Please stay tuned for that maintenance notice.
  • Server crashes on January 18, 2012: Immediately after the schedule maintenance was finished, some of the applied changes caused server instability and many crashes. The servers are now stable and the compensation listed in this announcement is partially for the inconvenience of the many crashes.
  • Lag Issues (also known as the Soulshot/Spiritshot Lag issue): This issue persists and it is our top priority to get it fixed as soon as possible. In the coming days, emergency maintenance may occur to apply potential fixes to this issue.
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