Compensation for Crashes and Kaliel's Blessing

Dear Players,

As you know, since the server maintenance of Wednesday, December 12, there have been a high number of server crashes on all servers. There were also errors in the Kaliel's Blessing event causing it to behave differently than designed, as well as miscommunications about how the event works on the website's event details page. All of these issues have been addressed and fixed as of the latest emergency maintenance on December 13.

To thank you for your patience and for bearing with us during this rough time, we humbly extend to you a gift of 5 free Kaliel's Wish event items per account.


The 5 Kaliel's Wishes are available as a bundle on the L2 Galleria that can be claimed once per Lineage II game account (or once per NC Account), between December 14, 2012 and January 2, 2013 (the day the event ends). To claim your free 5 Kaliel's Wishes:

  1. Log into the L2 Galleria.
  2. Visit the Kaliel's Wish product page.
  3. Click Purchase. (Rest assured you will not be charged NCoin; as you can see, the price of the item is 0 NCoin. You are not required to have any NCoin on your account in order to purchase free items).
  4. Select the server you wish to send the 5 Kaliel's Wishes to, and then click Place Order.
  5. Log in to Lineage II on that server and select the character you wish to give the items to.
  6. Take your character to a Dimensional Merchant NPC, interact with them, and select Retrieve Dimensional Items.
  7. Select the Kaliel's Wishes in the item list and claim them.
  8. Enjoy!
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