Coming Changes to the Store

This is a friendly reminder that the current limited-time offers in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria will end on July 11, and a new store update will bring new items that day.


Appearance Stones Unavailable on July 11

With the maintenance of July 11, Appearance Stones (Armor, Weapon, Hair Accessory) will cease to be available for purchase in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria. Stones purchased before this maintenance will remain in the game; you are not obligated to use them before any particular time. Restoration Stones (Equipment, Hair Accessory) will stay in the L2 Store so that you continue to have the option of restoring your items back to their original appearance whenever you like. Stock up on Appearance Stones before July 11!


Exploration Pack Bonus Items Change on July 11

With the maintenance of July 11, the bonus items in the Adventure and Destiny Packs will be switched out for new ones. Be sure to buy the packs before July 11 if you want the current bonus items!

Stay tuned for the full details on the July 11 store update’s new items and new Exploration Pack bonus items! The information will be posted on July 11.

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