Coming Changes to Store Items

Get ready for the next NCoin store update on February 8, 2012!* To help prepare you, we want to give you a heads-up on what some of the changes are, and remind you about the limited time offers.

With this store update:

  • S-Grade Soulshot and Blessed Spiritshot Packs will no longer be available in the exploration packs.
  • Additional Vitality Replenishing Beverages will be added to all exploration packs. This item partially replenishes your Vitality.
  • The Limited Time Bonus Items in the Adventure Pack and Destiny Pack will be switched out for new ones.
  • The three limited-supply permanent hats available in the L2 Store will be switched out for new permanent accessories. Don’t miss your chance to buy a Top Hat, Feathered hat, or Refined Wizard Hat before they’re gone!

Stay tuned for future announcements including more details on the new items!

*Please note that the scheduled date for the store update may change according to preparation and testing. If the date changes it will be announced as soon as possible.

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