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“Greetings! This is Gon Namkung of the Lineage II Development Department, which is currently preparing the launch of the Goddess of Destruction Chapter 3: Lindvior update.

Ranging from system to content, the previous Goddess of Destruction updates – the Awakening and Tauti – have seen many changes to the game. While these changes gave us new experiences for sure, there were also things that were lost – namely due to a fading of elements that made Lineage II unique. Among these are the sheer volume of classes that make for a uniqueness of each class’ role, a stable item structure, a bustling economy, and a strong community of players. In this vein, our team is developing Chapter 3: Lindvior with the aim of reviving the core elements of Lineage II that made the game unique.

It cannot be denied that there were many large-scale changes that were made in the Goddess of Destruction update, some of which yielded negative results, such as a sharp decline in the value of goods, and forced choices for players. Although our development work for Chapter 3 aims to ease transitions between changes and retain current price value, nothing is change-proof. This is why we would like to ask you to pitch in your voices to help strengthen the content of our future development.”

(Letter continued on Class Diversification Poll page)

- Gon Namkung of the Lineage II Development Department

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About the Polls

Introduction and Explanation

Each poll is prefaced by an introduction to the concept by NCsoft developers or other staff which explains why change is desired, what the goals of a possible change would be, and the reasoning behind each of the poll answer options. This information is provided in order to help players be well-prepared to choose the best answer.

Constructive Feedback Rewards

At NCsoft West the polls will be hosted on the Lineage II Official Forums. A poll consists of a single question and multiple answers for the player to choose from. A player may choose one answer only. Although the results of the poll will be the primary data collected, players are also encouraged to respond to the thread and explain their answer choice in further detail.

At the end of each poll session NCsoft West staff will collect the results and review all the written feedback. The staff will choose the three most constructive responses and give those players a special reward as thanks for their insight!

BlsScrollR2.jpg Blessed Scroll R(2)-Grade: Take this item to the Blacksmith of Mammon to exchange standard Apocalypse or Twilight equipment for Blessed equipment. Small fee is charged. Tradable.

A player may only win once per poll. The winning players will receive a PM (Private Message) on the forums and will be asked to specify what character (and server) on their account they wish to receive the prize item on.

The winning feedback responses will be constructive, clear, thorough and concise. Please take time to focus on your personalized response to the topic at hand; discussion back and forth between players, and responses or criticism of another player’s post(s) is discouraged. All forum rules apply.

Schedule of Polls

The NCsoft West feedback polls will each be open for one week only. They will run one at a time, beginning on September 19, 2012. Check back on this page every week to learn about the latest poll!

The closing of the Class Balance Poll concludes the developer feedback session. Thank you everyone for participating in these important polls!

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