Battle Tournament Team Deathmatch - March 23, 2013

Registration for Battle Tournament 2013 is now closed! Over 140 teams (1,100 Players) registered, but only 32 teams will be able to compete in the tournament*. Due to this overwhelming number of applicants, a special Team Deathmatch will be held for the remaining teams that were not qualified. Five Battle Tournament entry slots (1 per server) out of the 32 will be reserved for the teams that win the deathmatch on each server.

Server Team Distribution:
Chronos (7 teams + 1)
Naia (7 teams + 1)
Shilen (5 teams + 1)
Magmeld (5 teams + 1)
Bartz (3 teams + 1)

*Registrations for Battle Tournament were completed on a first come first serve basis.

The remaining 5 spots (1 for each server) will be decided after the PvP Deathmatch on Saturday March 23rd. The deathmatch will be with your live character and take place on the server you play on.

  • Each team will receive an email informing them if they have been qualified for the Battle Tournament or the Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch Schedule:

  • Saturday March 23rd
    • 10am PDT = Naia
    • 11am PDT = Shilen
    • 12pm PDT = Magmeld
    • 1pm PDT = Chronos
    • 2pm PDT = Bartz


  • All teams will be pitted together into a giant PvP match. The last person standing will qualify his or her team for the last remaining Battle Tournament spot for his or her server.
  • Must enter with the same team you registered with
    • Team representative must be present or whole team will be disqualified.
    • Summoning other players into the battle area is FORBIDDEN. We will be reviewing the logs after the match and If you are found guilty of summoning another player, your team will be disqualified.
    • If one or more members of the team is missing, the team is allowed to participate with the remaining members
    • Substitutes are allowed, but each team member must be of a different awakening class.
  • No combat rules, anything goes.
  • Last minute changes to the team composition will NOT be accepted
  • Teams will be teleported to the Deathmatch location at the time mentioned above for each server.
  • Be on time! We will not wait for latecomers.
  • Sudden Death: After 30 minutes, if you die then you will be ported out. No rezzing is allowed after this point.


  • 1 Entry Slot into Battle Tournament 2013 (1 per server)
  • 350 million Adena fee waived for Deathmatch Winners

Deathmatch Winners:

  • Team Einheit - Naia
  • Team Fear - Shilen
  • Team HypnoCP - Magmeld
  • Team Bigotes - Chronos
  • Team Covenant - Bartz
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