Battle Tournament Relay Match Rules



You've all been eagerly awaiting the details on how the remaining stages of the Battle Tournament are gonna work, well the time for waiting is over.

Starting this Saturday, April 13th the winners of the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, 3rd Place and Championship will be decided by the Best 2 out of 3 matches rule.

Teams will complete in a 7vs7 Team Death Match, followed by 1vs1 Relay Match and if the teams are tied at one win a piece, a final 7vs7 Team Death Match will decide the winner.

The 7vs7 Team Death Match will continue functioning as they have:

·         Two teams will compete per match.

·         7 members per team.

·         First team to kill every member of the opposition wins!

The 1v1 Relay Match is going to be much more challenging!

·         The 7 members of each team will face off, one at a time.

·         No rest during each fight, as soon as an opponent is eliminated another opponent enters the fight.

·         The first team to eliminate all of the other team’s members wins!

Here is the full list of rules for the 1vs1 Relay Match; any team that violates any of these rules automatically forfeits the 1vs1 Relay Match, putting their opponent that much closer to victory.

·         Each team must give the GM team the order in which each team member will fight before the match.

o    Teams MUST uphold to that order throughout the 1vs1 Relay Match

·         Teams must maintain the same 7 members through all their matches of the day.

o    Teams not allowed to change members for the 1vs1 Relay Match

·         While waiting on the sidelines, participants are not allowed to cast ANY skill or attack anyone.

·         Resurrection is forbidden (including Salvation skill).

·         There will be a 5 second delay between the moment a member is killed and the next member can enter the fight.

·         Each competitor will be given a standard set of buffs during the 5 second period (Guitar, Harp, Horn, Lute, Pipe Organ and Drum melody), they're skills cooldown will be reset and HP/MP/CP will be restored.

·         There is a 5 minute time limit for each 1vs1 fight, if both warriors are standing at the end of the 5 minutes, the fight will be considered a draw and the next two competitors are up.

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