The Aden Prize Wheel Returns!

The Aden Prize Wheel returns for the holidays! The famous minigame will be available from December 19, 2012 to January 2, 2013. Click to spin and win!

Have questions about the game? Check the FAQ on the game page for more info. If you have more questions or comments, visist the official forums.

What did you win from the Aden Prize Wheel? Post it on the forums, and see what other players have won!


Please note there is a known issue related to the Dimensional Merchant NPC, who holds items won from the Aden Prize Wheel, purchased from the L2 Galleria, or dimensional items sent from other players. Currently, if there are 200 or more of your items being stored on the Dimensional Merchant NPC, additional items may not appear in the list and cannot be claimed. While we wait for a working fix for this issue, please use the following workaround:

  • If you play the Aden Prize Wheel or purchase an item that is sent to the Dimensional Merchant NPC, try to claim the item so that you see the message 'No more Dimensional items can be found.'
    • It is important that you attempt to claim the item and trigger this message, or else the next steps won't work.
  • Now, log out to the character selection screen and immediately log back in and speak with the Dimensional Merchant NPC again.
  • The missing items should now display and be claimable. The issue may return the next time a new item is added to the Dimensional Merchant, if there are already 200 or more items stored there.
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