Account Services During the Holidays

The 2012 holidays are almost upon us! Over the holiday break beginning December 24 the account services will be slowed or paused until the full staff and service returns in the new year on January 2 or later. There will still be support representatives on duty during the holidays, but as the team will be smaller then, there may be longer wait times for responses than normal.

Name, Gender, or Class Change:

  • These services continue to be available, but as they each involve some manual work by support representatives, times for completion of a purchase service may be longer than normal during the holiday break.

Server Transfers:

  • The server transfer account service will be deactivated beginning December 19, 2012. Purchase and registration resumes on January 9. During this time it will not be possible to purchase and queue up transfers.
  • The last server transfers of the year 2012 will be processed on December 19. Any transfers that fail will not automatically re-queue until the first batch of transfer processing of the new year, on January 16, 2013.
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