8th Anniversary Support Pack Sweepstakes

8th-Anniversary-Support-Pack.jpg The 8th Anniversary Support Pack is available in the L2 Store and L2 Galleria for a limited time only, from April 25 to May 16, 2012.

Buy more packs and earn a bonus item!


How to win the bonus item:

  • Either: Buy one to seven 8th Anniversary Support Packs, and you may win a bonus item. Every eighth transaction is selected to be a winner; your placement is not revealed at the time of purchase, and you are not guaranteed to win.
  • Or: Buy eight 8th Anniversary Support Packs at once in a single transaction, and you are guaranteed to get the bonus item!



Birthday Potion

For 4 hours, recover Vitality points while you gain XP through hunting. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.


If you are a winner:

The bonus item will be applied to your Lineage II game account on the following Wednesday. You’ll receive a message notifying you that the reward has been applied to your account via an email to the email address on your NCsoft Master Account.

To claim your bonus item:

  • Log in to your NCsoft Master Account.
  • In the right column, click on the Lineage II game account through which you purchased the 8th Anniversary Support Pack(s) and won the bonus reward item.
  • In the Actions window, click on Apply In-Game Items.
  • Select the server that you want to send the reward item to, and click Next.
  • Select the character you want to send the reward item to, and click Next.
    • Note that, although you are prompted to choose a character, the item will actually be delivered to the Dimensional Merchant NPC on the chosen server. You can collect the item from any of your characters on this same server and account.
  • Select the item you wish to apply to this character, and click Next.
  • Review the confirmation page, and if all the information is correct, click Apply the Items/Item Packs to this Character.
  • The in-game items will be placed the Dimensional Merchant NPC of the server you chose right away. Log in with the character you wish to give the item(s) to, visit a Dimensional Merchant NPC in any major town, and retrieve your item(s).


  • The accumulation of eight or more packs through multiple purchases does not equal a guaranteed bonus item; only eight or more packs purchased in a single transaction count towards the guaranteed bonus item.
  • A game account can win the bonus item only once.
  • The list of winners is processed on a weekly basis. The timeframe for each weekly batch begins and ends at 10:00 PDT (see other time zones here) each Tuesday. Each batch of winners receive their bonus item on the following Wednesday.
    • Example: if you become a winner at 09:59 PDT on Tuesday, May 1, the bonus item will be applied to your account the next day, Wednesday, May 2. If you become a winner at 10:01 PDT on Tuesday, May 1, the bonus item will be applied a week later, on Wednesday, May 9.


If you have questions or comments about the sweepstakes, visit the official Lineage II forums.

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