• Last Call on Heine Fishing Specialties

    Last Call on Heine Fishing Specialties

    For those of you looking to take full advantage of Heine Fishing Expedition items, please note that the promotion ends with maintenance this Wednesday, April 25. Any Secret Embryo Bait Coupons, Secret Embryo Bait, Smuggled Embryo Chests, Embryo Reward... Read >

  • 14th Anniversary Preview

    14th Anniversary Preview

    As mentioned in our 2018 Roadmap, we’re kicking off the anniversary celebration next week with a number of different festivities. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.   Squash Event (April 25–May 16) Destroy squash with Chrono... Read >

  • Lineage II Roadmap 2018

    Lineage II Roadmap 2018

    Dear players, We hope to help bring you many more fun and fruitful adventures across Aden this year. While we haven’t locked in all of our plans for 2018 with the development team yet, there are some noteworthy things... Read >

  • Prestige Pack Updated

    Prestige Pack Updated

    Calling all high-end players! The Prestige Pack has been upgraded to feature new and updated components. In addition to the existing Prestige Cube Pack, Eva's Rune Pack, and 40 Hero Coin provided with the Prestige Pack, subscribers will receive... Read >

  • Daylight Saving Begins Sunday, March 11

    Daylight Saving Begins Sunday, March 11

    Daylight Saving Time is set to begin in North America Sunday, March 11 at 2:00am Pacific Time. After this time change, all activity times like Sieges, Olympiad, Ceremony of Chaos, Dimensional Raid, Daily Vitality, and Instance resets will begin one... Read >

  • Zodiac Agathion Expansion Overview

    Zodiac Agathion Expansion Overview

    Non-Evolved Zodiac Agathions | Evolved Zodiac Agathions Welcome to our overview on expanded Zodiac Agathions! The below info will help you upgrade your Zodiac Agathion Bracelets, as well as find active and passive property details by stage. You can begin the... Read >

  • Holiday Adena Art Contest 2017 Winners

    Holiday Adena Art Contest 2017 Winners

    Get into the holiday spirit with these 2017 Holiday Adena Art winnners. Congratulations!   Grand Prize Winner Prize: 5 Billion Adena, 20x Pa'agrio Warm Breeze (1-hour), Choice of Stage 10 Faction Talisman  Arkueid - Chronos   Runner-Ups Prize: 1... Read >

  • Lineage II: Salvation - First Chapter Now Live!

    Lineage II: Salvation - First Chapter Now Live!

    The First Chapter of Salvation is now live! The epic story of the Seven Signs has reached its final act: the Act of Salvation. Etis Van Etina has taken over all Seven Signs and has begun his war campaign.... Read >

  • Lineage II: Salvation Coming Soon

    The next major update for Lineage II is arriving soon, bringing brand new content, as well as class and quality of life changes. Class changes include improvements to the Sigel Knight, giving special features to each Knight class, making... Read >

  • Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

    Fishing Item Exchange Rate Change

    Hello all,   As mentioned in the weekly maintenance notification yesterday, we’ve applied a change to select fishing item exchange rates with today’s update. Prior to maintenance 4 Powerful Fish could be exchanged for 3 Elcyum Powder, which made... Read >