14th Anniversary Preview

As mentioned in our 2018 Roadmap, we’re kicking off the anniversary celebration next week with a number of different festivities. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.
  • Squash Event (April 25–May 16)
    • Destroy squash with Chrono weapons for amazing rewards
    • New Kat the Cat Appearance Stone (event reward only)
    • New 1-hr 100% XP Rune reward from Squash event (item will be deleted on May 30)
The 14th Anniversary Event from HQ is on a different game version, therefore we’re discussing plans with the development team to release it in the West later in the year.
  • 14th Anniversary Server Settings (April 25–May 16)
    • Double Adena Drop (Quantity) on Weekends Only
    • 300% Vitality Bonus
    • No XP Loss Upon Death
  • Store Update
    • Prices permanently slashed to 1 NCoin on several existing items
    • Veteran rewards will return with new 13th and 14th anniversary items
    • Special discount on Vitality items
Notice for Next Month: Hero Coin rewards will be updated in mid/late May along with a few purchase limit restrictions
  • 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest (Video, Artwork, Screenshot)
    • Stay tuned for more details next week!
  • Celebrate Lineage II’s 14th anniversary with GM Buffs from Fantasy Isle on April 27

Visit Neutron's forum thread to kick off the anniversary conversation.


The Lineage II Team

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