Zaken Is Now Available

zaken_DatailPage_700x339 (1).jpg


Today we're excited to announce that a new server, Zaken, has been added! Along with the game now also available on Steam, new players, veterans, or returning players alike can play in a fresh environment and experience the excitement of leveling together.


When the Pirate Captain Zaken ruled the seas as the Great Pirate, he trusted no one and and pursued great treasure at all costs. His single-minded pursuit of treasure and increasing paranoia caused his crew, and even his most trusted men, to question his leadership. Among these, Zaken's Chief Mate Tillion rallied the crew to mutiny and slew the Pirate Captain. Using his dying breath to curse the entire crew, Zaken later returned as an immortal undead, and Tillion was the first he killed.


You can now select Zaken to start your new adventure. Be sure to visit the FAQ located here if you have any questions about Zaken or Steam. If you're interested in server first achievements, follow this link for details.

See you in game!

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