L2 Store™

Introduction to the L2 Store

NCSOFT West is proud to make the L2 Store availble in coordinaton with the launch of Goddess of Destruction on November 30, 2011. This page will provide an introduction to the store interface as well as provide guidance about how to best use the items available within the store. While you will not be able to purchase items directly from this page with NCoin, it will be a useful reference as you browse the in-game store to provide supplemental information and guidance.

Accessing the L2 Store

L2Store-icon.jpgTo open the L2 Store, login to Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction and click on the L2 Store button. This button can be moved anywhere on the screen for your convenience and play preferences.

Understanding the L2 Store Interface

Once you have clicked the L2 Store button above, you'll see the interface below. Most of the content is very intuitive, but this guide will point out major features and buttons so you can use the L2 Store like a pro.

Click to view image in full size. Please note that this image is for example only; the items and prices within may not be accurate.


L2 Store Tabs

The first thing you may notice is the various tabs across the top of the store. These tabs help you to better find what you are looking for as items are organized by various types or functions here. Click a few of the tabs in the store to familarize yourself with their contents.

Featured: This is the L2 Store's homepage. It shows the featured promotion or event-related items that are hot right now, as well as those Recommended by the Lineage II team and those that are Popular among players. The content on this page will change frequently to stay up to date.

All Items: As the tab title says, the full list of all the L2 Store's items can be found here.

Bundles: This contains special value bundles of a variety of items for less than if you were to buy them separately.

Cosmetic: This contains fun items such as head accessories, mounts, agathions, and more.

XP Boost: This contains items to help you level faster by increasing XP and SP rates among other things.

Supplies: This contains consumable items to help your progress in the game.

Others: This contains items that don't easily fit into one of the above categories, such as account services, expand warehouse or inventory books, color title packs, and more.

All Items: This contains all items currently available for sale in the L2 Store.

My Shop Tab

Clicking on the My Shop button at the bottom right of the L2 Store interface opens the My Shop tab to the right.

Favorites: You can create a personalized list of your favorite items or frequent purchases by clicking on the star icon next to the item in the store interface. The Reset Favorites button will erase your list.

P. History: This stands for Purchase History, and shows you a list of all purchase you have made from the L2 Store.

Product Details

Note that you can sort each category page (other than Featured) by date, name, or price, for easy browsing.

Clicking on an item icon opens a pop-up window with the full item details and any important tips or notices about it.

Buy NCoin Button

Use this button for a direct link to the NCSOFT Store where you can buy or refill your NCoin balance. You can view your current balance to the bottom left of the L2 Store interface.

Search Box and Button

At the top of each category page is a search box and button. The search function allows you to enter full or partial words to search within that category page for item names that contain those keywords or word fragments. For example, enter "vit" to search for all the items that have Vitality in the item name.

Purchase Button

Once you click the Purchase button, you'll see the following popup window that will allow you to complete your purchase. Clicking the Purchase button will complete your purchase and reduce your NCoin balance for the price of the item(s). Clicking Cancel will return you to the L2 Store. Clicking Buy NCoin will link you directly to the NCSOFT Store where you can buy or refill your NCoin balance.


Please note that the Gift button is a feature that is not currently enabled on NCSOFT West servers. An announcement will be posted in the News section if this feature becomes available in the future.