Zones & Bosses

Isle of Souls

The island home of the Kamael race is the setting of constant battle between the Dwarven Black Anvil Guild soldiers and the evil Spiculas and golems of Dr. Chaos. The island is geared to characters between levels 92 and 96 who enjoy playing solo or in small parties. Visit the Isle of Souls in Glory Days to discover new monsters, revamped zone appearances, and enjoy strategic combat features such as special golems that can be used to your advantage.

Nornil's Garden

Spiculas, the living weapons at the service of Mother Nornil, are being cloned to the point that their numbers overtake the Isle of Souls and all its dungeons. Characters level 93 or higher can fight the leader of the clones, Spicula Zero, in a daily instanced raid in Nornil’s Garden.

Nornil's Cave

The technology of the Kamaels has been tampered with! The Mother Nornil supercomputer makes Nornil’s Cave a dangerous dungeon. Characters between levels 93 and 96 who enjoy playing in small parties can hunt here by defeating hordes of cloned Spiculas and deftly avoid intruder alarms.

Pagan's Temple

To prepare for the reincarnation of the demon Triol, Andreas van Halter gathers minions for the Great Sacrifice. Characters level 98 and higher can hunt here solo or in a group of up to 7 members, enjoying simpler access requirements throughout the Temple, and the challenge of fighting the level 99 raid boss, Andreas van Halter, at the front of the altar.

Raid Boss Revamps

Many raids and bosses have been altered to increase enjoyment and challenge! Enjoy lowered difficulty levels in the Tauti, Antharas, Valakas, Octavis Epic, and Istina Epic raids. Get more XP for defeating Kimerian, Teredor and Tauti.


Dual Class

Dual Class skill certificates allow you to customize your character with special Dual Class-only skills such as Max CP Increase, Light of Protection, Giant’s Yoke, and many more. Dual Classes can also obtain the valuable Dual Maximum Body skill at level 85, and increase the skill’s level gradually as the class rises in level.

Characters will be able to re-Awaken their Dual Class and start their dual career over at 85 with the class of their choice. Simply visit Raina in Talking Island Village while on your Dual Class and trade in your class and class cloak for the new one. While there, browse Raina’s new wares that are exclusively for Dual Classes and main classes.


With the arrival of Glory Days all Subclass characters get a free Subclass skill reset, to make way for new skill possibilities! Subclass Certificates can be used to obtain new and improved Subclass skills and boosts such as Critical Rate Increase, Evasion and Magic Evasion Increase, and many more.

Vitality System Improvements

The Vitality system has reverted to being character-based instead of account based, but even better; your character's main class, Dual Class, and Subclass each have a unique Vitality pool and weekly Vitality item limit!

Reputation and PK System

The Reputation and Player Kill (PK) systems are revamped to protect players from senseless PKing while still allowing Chaotic characters to redeem themselves in a timely fashion. The Repent Your Sins quest returns by popular demand, and the item destruction penalty from the days of yore is back to give chaos an edge.

Mentoring System

Mentors can enjoy new flexibility in many ways!

  • The Mentor’s buffs such as Mentee’s Appreciation stay active throughout the Mentor’s switching between main class, Dual Class, and Subclass modes.
  • Graduated Mentees can become Mentors in less time than before; Mentoring contracts can be created just one day after awakening.
  • If a Mentoring contract is canceled the Mentor can make a new contract after only two days instead of one week.


Clan Wars

The revitalized Clan War system accommodates and encourages clans to experience fun inter-clan battles! Clans level 5 and higher can declare war on up to 30 other clans at once. While no one is forced into battle, clans are incentivized to see the war through to the end, for the sake of honor and reputation!

Contestable Clan Halls

Be the first clan to defeat the raid bosses in the new instanced dungeons for the prize of having a home in the Fortress of Resistance, Fortress of the Dead, or Devastated Castle! Each instance also gives the winning clan exclusive items such as belts that increase inventory slots, weight capacity and more!

The Devastated Castle clan hall holds even more challenge, with strategically placed bases that must be occupied and defended in addition to conquering the raid boss.

Clan Halls

Enjoy Iss Enchanter Melody and Harmony buffs, now available from Clan Hall NPCs. Clan Halls in the town of Dion have been upgraded from C-Grade to B-Grade. Auctionable and Contestable Clan Hall rent prices and maintenance fees have increased, but so have the HP and MP Recovery rates, and Clan Hall Gatekeepers offer new teleport routes.

Clan Cloak

Represent your clan by displaying the Clan Mark on the all-new Clan Cloak, available exclusively from auctionable and contestable clan hall merchant NPCs!

Clan Requests & Dwarf Guild

In order to combat darkness, the King of Aden Amadeo Cadmus is raising money to fund the military and mercenary groups, and he has requested the help of the Dwarven Elder Council to achieve this end. The Clan Request policy was instituted by the Iron Gate Guild to give strength and power to smaller clans, per the Dwarven Elder Council’s instructions.

Use the Clan Request system to level up your clan easily and obtain useful enchanting and augmenting ingredients. Through the different kinds of requests available, characters can earn Personal Request points or Clan Request points through hunting and cooperation between clan mates.


Ceremony of Chaos

The battlefield is significantly leveled for characters playing in CoC matches! All competitors are now irrefutably anonymous, with disguised weapons and armor, and no possibilities for sneakily discerning qualities or identifying your foe. All players enter the match with equal set-ups, so that the competition is truly a test of individual skill and prowess. Enjoy shorter wait-times between matches, and more concise match times. Some new items can be obtained and used in matches strategically to your advantage. The belt item rewards for winners have been significantly boosted.


Get more reward for your victory in the Grand Olympiad! Hero-exclusive Infinity weapons get higher stats such as 800 to 1,700 attack power depending on the weapon, and over 500 magical attack power for all weapons.