Pirate Captain Uthanka

The beloved Pirate Captain Uthanka returns as a ghost. The ghost appears to those who cannot mourn him and miss him. Uthanka is weak as a ghost, but he still loves a good laugh and fun brawl. If he’s in a good mood he rewards the mourner with a small replica of himself.

To mourn Pirate Captain Uthanka, visit his tombstone just outside of Talking Island Village. If you can feel his presence near the tombstone it is a good time to mourn him. He visits the world in spirit for two hours, at eight hour intervals each day.

Use the Sorrow emote (or /socialsad) from the Action window on the tombstone. The Sorrow emote can be used on the tombstone once per minute only.

Upon mourning the tombstone, Uthanka may or may not appear to the mourner. If he doesn’t appear, try mourning him again after a minute. If he does appear he will want to have a tussle. Depending on the result of the fight, Uthanka will leave the mourner a different item or gift.

Uthanka Reward Items:

  • uthanka-teleport.jpg Pirate Captain Uthankas Tombstone Scroll: Upon use, teleports you to Pirate Captain Uthanka’s Tombstone outside of Talking Island Village. Reward that can be acquired at random up to 19 times in 1 hour.
  • uthanka-bracelet.jpg Agathion Bracelet Pirate Captain Uthanka: Agathion bracelet that lets you summon the Uthanka Agathion. Rare reward acquired at random.
  • uthanka-ring.jpg Pirate Captain Uthankas Ring: When equipped, transforms you into Pirate Captain Uthanka himself. (Remove the ring to cancel the transformation.) Very rare reward acquired at random.


Performing the Sorrow emote at the Pirate Captain Uthanka's Tombstone outside of Talking Island Village. uthanka-1.jpg
Pirate Captain Uthanka's Ghost spawned and ready to fight you. uthanka-2.jpg
Pirate Captain Uthanka transformation (from ring). uthanka-transformation.png
Pirate Captain Uthanka agathion. uthanka-agathion.png