Orcs were created by fire to be a race of undying strength and stamina, worshiping the God of Fire, Pa-agrio. Once servants of the Giants, Orcs are powerful warriors and shamans.
Available Fighter Classes Available Mystic Classes
Knight Warrior Wizard Enchanter
Rogue Archer Summoner Healer
Basic Fighter Stats Basic Mystic Stats
STR 88 STR 40
DEX 50 DEX 23
CON 87 CON 43
INT 37 INT 77
WIT 38 WIT 74
MEN 41 MEN 84
Orc Fighter Class Path Orc Mystic Class Path

Orc Warrior Classes

Warrior-type classes are the juggernauts of fighting. They are not tanks and they may not deal as much damage as some mages or rogues, but warriors can rush into the fray of combat, causing confusion and disarray among enemies, while dealing decent damage with a variety of weapons.

Descriptions of each Warrior-type class differ by character race, until the Awakening classes begin at level 85.

Level Range Human Warriors Dwarven Warriors Orc Warriors Kamael Warriors
1-19 Human Fighter Dwarven Fighter Orc Fighter Male Soldier
20-39 Warrior Artisan Orc Raider Trooper
40-75 Warlord Warsmith Destroyer Berserker
Gladiator Tyrant
76-84 Dreadnought Maestro Titan Doombringer
Duelist Gran Khavatari
Awakening 85-99 Tyrr Warrior

Orc Fighter - Starting Class - Levels 1-19

A basic fighting class, Orc Fighters wear heavy or light armor, a focus on brute force melee combat. At level 20, the Orc Fighter must choose to journey his path to warrior as either a brutish Orc Raider or as a dexterous Monk.

Orc Raider - First Class Transfer - Levels 20-39

Marauders have polished their war arts and honed their weapon skills. They are the main fighting force of the Orc race. They employ more skills than other warrior classes that rely purely on physical strength.

Monk - First Class Transfer - Levels 20-39

Monks are characterized by their fast hand-to-hand attacks. They can also use the technique of gathering magical forces and shooting them towards their enemy to cause damage and weaken the enemy. During solo play, a Monk wears tattoos only as light armor and fights with hand-to-hand fighting equipment to cause severe damage while evading enemy attacks. In party play, Monks are useful primarily for the rapid and devastating damage they can deal.

Destroyer- Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

Developed from the Orc Raider, the Destroyer is an expert fighter who stands ever vigilant on the front lines of the battlefield. He uses Whirlwind to batter his enemies about and tirelessly fights without fear until his enemies have all been vanquished. The Destroyer's very aura causes his opponents to retreat in fear and consternation.

Tyrant- Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

The Tyrant are Monks that have improved their study of Tangsu and are top students at the temple of power and fire. The Tyrant is famous for using such techniques as Force Buster , which explodes energy and attacks multiple enemies whose way is blocked; Burning Fist, which throws strong fists of fire; and Punch of Doom, which causes extreme damage to an opponent while consuming a lot of physical strength.

Titan- Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

Destroyers evolve into Titans wielding massive swords or axes. They are powerful warriors that spearhead advance attacks and trample the enemy without reservation.

Grand Khavatari - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

It is said that the highest priests of the Monastery of Fire possess strength that rivals that of Titans. These master Tyrants possess abilities previously unseen in Titans, pursuing true physical prowess. Gifted and dedicated fighters who are granted the title of the Grand Khavatari, the quintessential warrior, these Tangsu practitioners prefer tattoos over cumbersome armor in combat.

Tyrr Warrior - Awakening Class - Levels 85-99

All Human, Dwarven, Orc and Kamael warriors naturally evolve into Tyrr Warriors upon Awakening at level 85. They can wield a large variety of weapons in both hands and are masters at engaging multiple targets. The Giant hero Sapyros has inspired his followers with his rough, unruly and undefeated nature.

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Orc Enchanter Classes

Enchanter-type classes support themselves and fellow party members with valuable buffs, and offer a variety of other functions as well, including light healing, damaging, and crowd-control. Whatever their race, Enchanters are a welcome member of any party.

Descriptions of each Enchanter-type class differ by character race, until the Awakening classes begin at level 85.

Level Range Human Enchanters Elven Enchanters Dark Elven Enchanters Orc Enchanters
1-19 Human Mystic Elven Fighter Dark Fighter Orc Mystic
20-39 Cleric Elven Knight Palus Knight Orc Shaman
40-75 Prophet Sword Singer Bladedancer Overlord
76-84 Hierophant Sword Muse Spectral Dancer Dominator
Awakening 85-99 Iss Enchanter

Orc Mystic - Starting Class - Levels 1-19

A basic spell-casting class, Orc Mystics wear robes or light armor, and cast beneficial and damaging spells while wielding staves and magic maces and swords.

Orc Shaman - First Class Transfer - Levels 20-39

The Orc Shaman provides extensive support in groups - casting beneficial spells and healing others. They can also cast powerful magic curses on enemies in combat and have some proficiency in physical combat. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the Orc Shaman can choose between being a debuffer against monsters as an Overlord or a buffer to party members as a Warcryer. Both paths lead to eventually becoming a true enchanter.

Overlord - Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

Overlords specialize in weakening the enemy with amazing debuffs, and providing buffs for their entire clan, although they cannot buff a party of non-clan members. The Overlord leads the Orc race through the use of Seal of Winter, which reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies and Sight of Paagrio, which increases the accuracy of other members of his clan.

Warcryer - Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

The Warcryer is a Shaman who has received special training in the battle song, which is at the very top of the Orc sorcery system. They support fellow party members through songs of magical power. The Warcryer is an advantage to a group in battle, thanks to his adept Chant of Fury, which increases the attack speed of his party members, as well as the Chant of Evasion, which increase evasiveness.

Dominator - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

Orcs who have realized the power of tactics, Dominators are natural leaders and strategists. Given the title of Dominator, which is bestowed to only the strongest Overlords, they lead proud warriors who will leap off a cliff without the slightest hesitation about their victory.

Doomcryer - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

At the pinnacle of the Orc's incantations lie battle songs, special chants in the form of songs. Doomcryers are Warcryers who are perfectly fluent in battle songs that rain destruction upon the enemy. With mere words, they heal friendly forces with chants endowed with strong magical powers, raise morale, and cast curses on enemies.

Iss Enchanter - Awakening Class - Levels 85-99

All Human, Elven, Dark Elven, and Orc enchanters naturally evolve into Iss Enchanters upon Awakening at level 85. The special combination of strategy and magic was mastered by the Giant hero Leister. Iss Enchanters are most at home in parties, where they stay vigilant to maintain buffs on other players and can rescue the situation at a moment's notice with perfected crowd-control skills.