Kamaels were created by the gods as living combat weapons, but the rest of their origin is shrouded in mystery. They worship Mother Nornil. Their strange background grants them different abilities depending on their gender, and their specialization in soul magic makes them the only Fighter race that can later become a Wizard.
Available Fighter Class Available Mystic Class
Knight Warrior Wizard Enchanter
Rogue Archer Summoner Healer
Basic Fighter Stats Basic Mystic Stats
STR 88 STR  
DEX 57 DEX  
CON 80 CON  
INT 43 INT  
WIT 36 WIT  
MEN 37 MEN  
Kamael Fighter Class Path Kamael Mystic Class Path

Kamael Warrior Classes

Warrior-type classes are the juggernauts of fighting. They are not tanks and they may not deal as much damage as some mages or rogues, but warriors can rush into the fray of combat, causing confusion and disarray among enemies, while dealing decent damage with a variety of weapons.

Level Range Human Warriors Dwarven Warriors Orc Warriors Kamael Warriors
1-19 Human Fighter Dwarven Fighter Dark Fighter Male Soldier
20-39 Warrior Artisan Palus Knight Trooper
40-75 Warlord Warsmith Shillien Knight Berserker
76-84 Dreadnought Maestro Shillien Templar Doombringer
Awakening 85-99 Tyrr Warrior

Male Soldier - Starting Class - Levels 1-19

A basic melee fighter class, destined for more specialization in weapons and to wear heavy or light armor. Only male Kamaels can become true warriors.

Trooper or Warder - First Class Transfer - Levels 20-39

Troopers are dark-magic-wielding warriors. They use Kamael-exclusive weapons, such as ancient swords and rapiers. They also have strong magical and debuff abilities, which enable them to concentrate souls and release them in a manner that suits the situation. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the Male Kamael must choose to specialize in melee combat by becoming a Berserker, or to use magic and eventually become a wizard.

Berserker- Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

Berserkers specialize in physical attacks using ancient swords. Their basic combat style is similar to that of the Orc Destroyer, but they can also carry out ranged-attacks by using an ancient sword. They acquire tremendous movement speed and attack power by using magic to strengthen themselves. They can improve their defense by using souls, and strengthen themselves to enhance the ferocity of their attacks. Also, they possess unique combat styles through various raid skills.

Doombringer - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

Doombringer is the highest rank that a Berserker can be promoted to. Their mastery of swordsmanship is feared even by the gods. Doombringers have awoken long-dormant abilities, and have gained the ability to use the ancient Kamael power, Final Form.

Tyrr Warrior - Awakening Class - Levels 85-99

All Human, Dwarven, Orc and Kamael warriors naturally evolve into Tyrr Warriors upon Awakening at level 85. They can wield a large variety of weapons in both hands and are masters at engaging multiple targets. The Giant hero Sapyros has inspired his followers with his rough, unruly and undefeated nature.

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Kamael Archer Classes

Archer-type classes are fierce ranged damage dealers. Although Archers can survive alone very well, later in their careers they also become invaluable to parties.

Level Range Human Archers Elven Archers Dark Elven Archers Kamael Archers
1-19 Human Fighter Elven Fighter Dark Fighter Female Soldier
20-39 Rogue Elven Scout Assassin Warder
40-75 Hawkeye Silver Ranger Phantom Ranger Arbalester
76-84 Sagittarius Moonlight Sentinel Ghost Sentinel Trickster
Awakening 85-99 Yul Archer

Female Soldier - Starting Class: Levels 1-19

The Female Soldier is a basic melee fighter class, destined to specialize in weapons and to wear heavy or light armor. Only female Kamael can become Archers. At level 20, the Female Soldier must choose to be either a crossbow-wielding Warder or a rapier-wielding fighter.

Warder - First Class Transfer: Levels 20-39

Warders are a mid-range class that specializes in using crossbows and rapiers, and focuses on absorbing and using souls as well as setting up and removing basic traps. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the Warder can choose between focusing on ranged weapons and becoming an Arbalester, or veering away from crossbows to focus on rapiers.

Arbalester - Second Class Transfer: Levels 40-75

The way of the Arbalester opens when a Warder becomes truly dedicated to mastering the crossbow. Arbalesters can make special bolts, which can greatly increase their potency in battle. They carry out powerful ranged attacks with speed and precision. Also, they possess various special abilities, such as skill with traps. Arbalesters tend to be more powerful when fighting in groups rather than fighting alone. This class is available to female Kamael only, and their attacks are based on various crossbow skills. Arbalesters can sway a battle in their favor by setting traps for their enemies by consuming previously absorbed souls. Arbalesters can also evade enemy attacks by using defensive abilities such as Decoy or Shift Target.

Trickster - Third Class Transfer: Levels 76-84

Tricksters hone the Arbalester's trap skills to a razor sharp edge. The way of the Trickster is a combination of defense and attack, specializing in crossbow and soul mastery. Like other Kamael third class transfers, Tricksters learn the ancient Kamael power called Final Form.

Yul Archer - Awakening Class: Levels 85-99

All Human, Elven, Dark Elven, and Kamael Archers naturally evolve into Yul Archers upon Awakening at level 85. The Giant sharpshooter Cranigg grants Yul Archers many powers that allow them to control crowds of monsters and deal an enormous amount of damage. More powerful than conventional Archers, Yul Archers can also sustain their health efficiently in combat, making them valuable party members.

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Kamael Wizard Classes

Wizard-type classes are magical damage-dealers. The nature of their magic lies in their racial past, but all wizards excel at mastering the elements and can create devastation at their will. They wear robes and carry magic weapons and accessories.

Level Range Human Wizards Elven Wizards Dark Elf Wizards Kamael Wizards
1-19 Human Mystic Elven Mystic Dark Mystic Kamael Soldier
20-39 Human Wizard Elven Wizard Dark Wizard Warder or Trooper
40-75 Sorcerer Spellsinger Spellhowler Soul Breaker
76-84 Archmage Mystic Muse Storm Screamer Soul Hound
Awakening 85-99 Feoh Wizard

Kamael Soldier - Starting Class - Levels 1-19

A basic melee fighter class, destined for more specialization in weapons and to wear heavy or light armor. Both male and female Kamaels can become wizards after first proving their abilities with soul mastery. At level 20, male Kamaels become Troopers and Female Kamaels become Warders.

Trooper or Warder - First Class Transfer - Levels 20-39

Although both classes generally explore melee combat and soul mastery, their weapon of choice varies according to their gender. Females use crossbows and rapiers, and males use ancient two-handed swords. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the Kamael must choose to be a Soul Breaker, or to concentrate on a gender-specific class.

Soul Breaker- Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

At a close range, Soul Breakers use rapier attacks. When there are a large number of enemies, or when enemies are at a distance, they use soul-based dark magical attacks. Soul Breakers have unique combat patterns, such as stealing an opponent's magical buffs, and inflicting damage by turning an opponent's magic against them.

Soul Hound - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

Soul Hounds are Soul Breakers that have mastered the magic of soul harvesting. They can use their powers to summon a siege gun, which can strike multiple enemies. Soul Hounds, like all other final Kamael classes, have broken the final seal binding their Final Form, and have released this ancient power.

Feoh Wizard - Awakening Class - Levels 85-99

All Human, Elven, Dark Elven, and Kamael wizards naturally evolve into Feoh Wizards upon Awakening at level 85. Having perfected their mastery of the elements, Feoh Wizards have the ability to use different elements at the same time and can easily switch between them to exploit the enemy's elemental weakness. The Giant Silver Sage Soltkrieg achieved this greatness by combining intelligence, magic, and strategy.

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Kamael Enchanter Classes

Enchanter-type classes support themselves and fellow party members with valuable buffs, and offer a variety of other functions as well, including light healing, damaging, and crowd-control. Whatever their race, Enchanters are a welcome member of any party.

Once a male or female Kamael levels their main class and a subclass to level 76, they may unlock a special Kamael class: Inspector, later evolving to Judicator. This special class can be leveled as a subclass, then as a Dual Class, and finally can Awaken as an Iss Enchanter.

Level Range Human Enchanters Elven Enchanters Dark Elven Enchanters Orc Enchanters Kamael Enchanters
1-19 Human Mystic Elven Fighter Dark Fighter Orc Mystic -
20-39 Cleric Elven Knight Palus Knight Orc Shaman -
40-75 Prophet Sword Singer Bladedancer Overlord Inspector
76-84 Hierophant Sword Muse Spectral Dancer Dominator Judicator
Awakening 85-99 Iss Enchanter  

Inspector - Second Class Transfer - Levels 40-75

". . . Berserker, a raider that fights on the front lines, Soul Breaker, a leader that uses both magic power and physical force harmoniously, and Arbalester, one that confuses the enemy and attacks at a distance. The Kamael army, which consisted of these three warriors, was able to defend against of the most cunning adversaries; however, even the sharpest sword will get dull and lose its sting. Although the three heroes left their combat knowledge and power to the Kamael, it is not enough. . . ."

- excerpt from an ancient journal left in the Stalactite Grotto of the Arbiter

Judicator - Third Class Transfer - Levels 76-84

Judicators are the most elite of all Kamael warriors. Only Inspectors who have undergone rigorous training can graduate to a Judicator. Judicators are said to be able to control other's emotions and will, and have the power to actualize the future that they desire.

Iss Enchanter - Awakening Class - Levels 85-99

All Human, Elven, Dark Elven, and Orc enchanters naturally evolve into Iss Enchanters upon Awakening at level 85. The special combination of strategy and magic was mastered by the Giant hero Leister. Iss Enchanters are most at home in parties, where they stay vigilant to maintain buffs on other players and can rescue the situation at a moment's notice with perfected crowd-control skills.

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