Hunting Zone Changes

Changes to Existing Hunting Zones


Raider's Crossroads

SP earned from killing monsters has been increased.
To prevent excessive herding in the Raider’s Crossroads using the Feoh Wizard’s Shadow Snare, we have given resistance to Pull attacks to some monsters.
We have decreased enmity toward normal attack damage to enable better hunting and decrease excessive danger posed to normal attack classes.

Land of Chaos

SP and XP earned from killing monsters has been increased.
The terrain has been adjusted to improve the hunting experience.
All monsters have had their stats reduced.
Land of Chaos monsters have been made more resistant to polearm attacks.
When a Blue Horn dies, the type of monsters that spawn have been changed.
When a Red Horn dies, the type of monsters that spawn have been changed.
Killing a Blue Horn now spawns 5 Yellow Horns.

Bloody Swampland

The location of monsters in Bloody Swampland and Altar of Evil was changed:
  • The proportion of monsters on flat ground and hills has been adjusted.
  • The behavior of monsters has been changed to prevent gathering of large groups for AoE hunting.

Ruins of Agony/Despair

The respawn time of monsters has been reduced.

Varka Silenos/Ketra Orc Outpost/Forest of the Dead

Debuff duration from monsters was reduced.
The location and respawn time of monsters has been adjusted.

Sel Mahum Training Grounds

The South Gate teleport location was removed.

Kartia's Labyrinth

Zellaka's P.Atk./M.Atk. from the Lv85 Solo Kartia's Labyrinth has been decreased and the fear skill frequency has been decreased.
SP earned upon completion of the Solo Kartia instance has been reduced.

Guillotine Fortress

Items which can be acquired from Spoiling monsters have been changed.
The animation of the Chaos Shield around Guillotine Fortress monsters has been removed.
The amount of monsters has been adjusted.
The Knockback effect that was applied to monsters in Guillotine Fortress when their Chaos Shield is destroyed has been removed.
The respawn time of Mandragora monsters has been reduced.

Crystal Caverns/Steam Corridor

The amount of monsters has been reduced.

Delusion Chamber

The cooldown for Delusion Chamber (Great Seal) and Delusion Chamber (Tower of Seal) will be 1 minute after entry.
  • The cooldown will be reset every day at 6:30am.


Drop and Spoil items obtained from Lv1-99 hunting grounds have been changed.
Monsters no longer drop recipes and ingredients below S80-grade.
Recipes and ingredients below S80-grade can now be purchased from Recipe Merchants in each town.
The rewards have been decreased in hunting zones for Levels 1~85 where the BOT activity is high:
  • The Giant's Cave 
  • Ketra Orc Outpost 
  • Varka Silenos Barracks 
  • Wall of Argos
  • Stakato Nest 
  • The Fields of Silence/Whispers
  • Delusion Chamber
  • Cruma Tower 1st Level
  • Plains of the Lizardmen 
  • Frozen Labyrinth 
  • Antharas’ Lair 
  • Monastery of Silence 2nd Floor
  • Forge of the Gods Top Floor

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the information on the Aden Gatekeeper and World Info was wrong for the Entrance to the Cemetery.
Fixed an issue where areas in Magmeld and Orbis Temple could not be accessed due to graphical terrain bugs.
Fixed an issue where corroded materials were acquired from "Treasure Sack Ancient Times" in Silent Valley.
Fixed an issue where the Kasha's eye debuff in Den of Evil was not being properly applied.
Fixed an issue where enraged monsters in Ruins of Despair would appear with wooden sticks.
Fixed an issue where the Key to the Hall of Jewels item could be used without a target.
Fixed an issue where the Raid Boss Guillotine of Death would sometimes be duplicated.
Fixed an issue where sometimes the Hate skills from the Mysterious Assassin would not be properly applied.
Fixed an issue where the attack motion for the Raid Boss Crook the Mad was not properly displayed.
Fixed an issue where some characters could not attack when Gainak's status changed from peace zone to battlefield.
Fixed an issue where a pet/servitor would not respond to the Raid Boss attacks in the Palaika instance "Song of Ice and Fire."

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