UI Changes

UI Changes


The Valiance update brings a host of UI additions and improvements!  These include changes to the inventory display, SP tracking, and new chat options, among other changes.  Read on for more details!

Adena Distribution

A new Adena distribution system has been added to share Adena equally across all parties in the Command Channel.
Open your inventory and click on the scale icon.


You can now organize your inventory with tabs: Equipment/Supplies/Crafting/Misc./Quest.
The amount of inventory slots that can be viewed has been increased


More options have been added to the chat options window.
The font size in the chat window can now be changed.
A transparency option for the chat window has been added.


The XP bar has been changed to display SP as well.
By clicking on the XP bar you can now switch between XP and SP.
SP will be displayed as a % based on the current and maximum SP.
Raid point information has been added to the bottom of the character window.


The UI for enchanting items has changed:
  • After each successful enchant, you can now click a "Continue" button to automatically continue enchanting without having to drag & drop a new scroll in the enchant scroll slot.



Adding Attributes

The UI for adding elemental stones/crystals has been changed:
  • You can now enter a desired element value in the UI and it will automatically attempt to add elemental stones/crystals until the value is reached or you run out of stones/crystals.
  • The success rate when using this new function is the same as if you were manually adding elemental stones/crystals one by one.
  • When the process is finished, the number of success/fails will be displayed along with the amount of elemental stones/crystals used and the quantity remaining.
  • The maximum number of elemental stones/crystals that can be used that way is 99,999.




A new way to edit macros has been added:
  • [+] - Insert a space below the selected line
  • [X] - Delete the selected line
  • [▲ ], [▼] - Move the selected line into another row


Some improvements to the trading UI have been made to prevent fraud when trading items. An icon in the trade window now shows a notification of the trader's affiliation with the other player.
Raid point information has been removed from the World Info window.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the pet/servitor's HP would not be immediately updated in the UI.
Fixed an issue where the confirmation window would not appear when using the Hair Dye/Style and Facelift potions.
Fixed an issue where the Fortuna Raid Boss was not listed in the World Info Window.
Fixed an issue where in some cases you could not rotate your character while in the Beauty Shop.
Fixed an issue where some buff icons would remain after a party duel.
Fixed an issue where the camera viewpoint would change when switching between windows.

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