New Raid Bosses

New Raid Bosses & Raid Boss Ranking System



The Raid Boss Point Ranking system has been changed:
  • All Raid Boss Points have been reset.
  • When you successfully defeat a raid boss, you will earn at least one raid point.
Level Location Hunting Ground Respawn Raid Boss Names
88 Oren Near Altar of Evil Periodic Spawn
Bloody Earth Dragon Gagia 
Demon Fardune 
Demon Harsia 
Demon Bedukel 
Bloody Witch Rumilla 
Shilen's Priest Sasia
88 Gludio Gludio Castle Town Area Fixed Spawn 21:00
Monster Minotaur 
Monster Sarga 
Monster Hogliff 
Monster Artarot 
Monster Centaur 
Monster Laum
92 Gludio Orc Barracks Periodic Spawn
Amden Orc Turahot 
Amden Orc Turation 
Amden Orc Turamathia 
Amden Orc Turabait 
Nerva Orc Nermion 
Nerva Orc Nergatt
93 Magmeld Fairy Settlement Area Periodic Spawn
Ekidna's Statue Ixignon 
Ekidna's Statue Pantasaus 
Ekidna's Statue Kathargon 
Ekidna's Statue Kimesis 
Ekidna's Statue Abelsnif 
Ekidna's Statue Tarstan
93 Oren Elven Village Area Fixed Spawn 21:00
Harp's Clone 
Isadora's Avatar 
Maliss' Avatar 
Embryo Garron 
Embryo Nigel 
Embryo Dabos
94 Goddard Garden of Beasts Area Periodic Spawn
Enhanced Mahum Supercium 
Enhanced Mahum Radium
97 Innadril Fields of Silence Area Periodic Spawn
Evil Magikus 
Evil Kinigos
97 Giran Gorgon Flower Garden/Brekas Stronghold Area Periodic Spawn
Stelo Soma 
97 Dion Cruma Tower Periodic Spawn
Garamor's Herald Gariott 
98 Schuttgardt Orc Village/Immortal Plateau Fixed Spawn 21:00
Antharas' Herald Komabor 
Skellrus' Herald Iskios 
Valakas' Herald Potigia 
Lindvior's Herald Numa 
Fafurion's Herald Aquarion
98 Rune Valley of Saints Area Periodic Spawn
Fallen Angel Tiera 
Corrupted Goblier 
Corrupted Cherkia 
Corrupted Harthemon 
Corrupted Sarboth 
Fallen Angel Eloule
98 Aden Seal of Shilen/Aden Cemetery Periodic Spawn
Dark Messenger Afjak 
Dusk Knight Feilnor 
Chaos Wizard Amormio 
Insolence Knight Lahav 
Death Priest Borhunt 
Destruction Knight Zeruel
98 Aden Kamael Village/Isle of Souls Periodic Spawn
Vengeful Eligos 
Vengeful Agarez 
Vengeful Lerazia 
Vengeful Oretross 
Vengeful Edaire 
Vengeful Agonia
Each Raid boss has a random chance to drop an "Apparition Stone"
Three types of "Apparition Stones" that can be acquired this way: Lv88, Lv93 and Lv98.
You can use the "Apparition Stone" on the Altar of Soul to summon Raid Bosses:
Level Name Location Hunting Ground How to Spawn
88 Raid Boss - Earth Terakan Gludio Altar near the east exit of Dark Elf Village Apparition Stone (Lv. 88)
93 Raid Boss - Wind Cassius Oren Altar near the south exit of Elven Village Apparition Stone (Lv. 93)
98 Raid Boss - Flaming Ladar Schuttgardt Altar is west of Orc Village Apparition Stone (Lv. 98)
Open field Raid Bosses have had their difficulty greatly reduced.
P. Atk. And M. Atk. of Lv95+ Raid Bosses has been increased.
P. Atk. And M. Atk. of Lv1-94 Raid Bosses has been decreased.
You can now earn Raid Points from the Raid Bosses in Crystal Caverns.
When killing an Open Field Raid Boss, there is a 50% chance of spawning Raid Spirit Linea for 1 minute.
Raid Spirit Linea grants "Raid Blessing" buff to players.
Buff can increase the amount of points acquired. Buff can be advanced up to 3 stages:
  • Stage 1: +30% Raid Points
  • Stage 2: +60% Raid Points
  • Stage 3: +100% Raid Points



Aria in Hunter's Village can exchange raid points for items.
Each Aria's Bracelet gives +3 to one stat.
Aria's Life Stone can be used to augment Raid Boss jewels - 100 R-grade Gemstones to add an augment.
There is a 16 million adena fee to remove the augment.
Aria can also redeem Raid Points for Istina/Octavis/Tauti Bracelets - 100 Raid Points.
Aria Items Items Required Stats
Aria's Life Stone 100 Raid Points None
Aria's Bracelet - CON

1000 Raid Points
Need Enhanced Istina's Bracelet MEN+3 

Aria's Bracelet - DEX
1000 Raid Points 
Need Enhanced Octavis' Bracelet DEX+3
Aria's Bracelet - WIT
1000 Raid Points 
Need Enhanced Octavis' Bracelet WIT+3
Aria's Bracelet - STR
1000 Raid Points 
Need Enhanced Tauti's Bracelet STR+3
Aria's Bracelet - INT
1000 Raid Points 
Need Enhanced Tauti's Bracelet INT+3

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