Beleth & Darion Raid

Beleth & Darion Raid



Once the Beleth/Darion raid bosses have spawned, the entire Hellbound region will get an earthquake effect.
The entry conditions for the Beleth and Darion raid:
  • The reappearance interval of Beleth and Darion is 7 days.
  • Only one Command Channel of at least 98 players will be allowed to enter.
  • Characters that are far from the wormhole will not be able to enter.
  • The wormhole to the raid is located in the Refugee Camp.

Stage 1 

Three Beleth mobs will be spawned. To the back, Leona Blackbird will be spawned.
When you select one Beleth and drop its HP below 50% / HP to 50% or below, a fake Beleth/Darion/Beleth raid monsters will respawn.
If 50+ people are gathered and talked to Leona Blackbird before the raid starts, the Leona Blackbird will start attacking the fake Beleth to inform raiders.

Stage 2 (Beleth/Darion) 

  • Once Beleth's HP drops to 10%, 8 copies of Beleth will spawn.
  • Objective is to find and kill the original.
  • Once the original is found and taken care of, the rest will disappear.
  • Once Darion's HP drops to 10%, two subordinates of Darion will additionally spawn.
  • The following two minions cannot die.
  • Objective is to kill Darion as fast as you can. Once he is defeated, the minions will despawn.

Stage 3 (Reward) 

Once either raid boss is defeated, Leona Blackbird will respawn.
Talk to Leona Blackbird for the raid rewards. (Leona's Reward box)
If Beleth was defeated, there will be a small chance where you can obtain Beleth's ring from the NPC.

Leona Blackbird (Reward) 

Leona Blackbird will spawn for the reward and will disappear after 5 minutes.
Once Leona Blackbird (Reward Version) has spawned, the wormhole entrance will disappear to prevent non-participants of the raid from obtaining rewards.
Since level can go down due to death during the raid, characters below level 99 can receive rewards from Leona Blackbird as well.

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