Current Hellbound-specific items dropped from monsters and acquired from quests have been deleted.
Hellbound has been changed to a hunting ground for level 99 characters only.
You can access Hellbound through the Warp Gate located in the Town of Heine.
Steel Citadel, Wounded Lands, Anomic Foundry, and Steel Citadel Outpost can no longer be accessed.
A Sayune Jump located in the Refugee Camp will allow you move easily between hunting zones.
Hellbound monsters are suited for both Physical and Magical classes.
Hellbound hunting grounds are divided into 3 types:
  • Solo
  • Small Party
  • Full Party

Beleth's Circle

Level 99 Solo Hunting Ground.
The existing Enchanted Megaliths and harbor area have been changed to a solo hunting ground.
The harbor area is divided into 2 hunting grounds.
The color of Beleth's Circle located on the outskirts of the harbor area will change depending on the effect applied.
The entrance area of the Beleth Circle, the color does not change.
After a certain amount of monsters have been defeated, the color of the circle may change.
When the Beleth's Circle color changes, an earthquake effect will happen to alert everyone in the area.
The Beleth's Circle color affects hunting as follows:
  • Green: Regular conditions.
  • Yellow: Yellow Magic Circle monsters have the same ability as Green Magic Circle monsters, but their title will be different. There is also a slight chance to spawn a NPC every time a monster is killed. This NPC will give a positive or negative buff at a certain probability.
  • Red: Red Magic Circle monsters are stronger than Green/Yellow Magic Circle monsters but also give more XP and SP.
When hunting around Beleth's Circle, there is a chance that the NPC Vital Duracell will appear. It moves very quickly, and if you successfully defeat it before it gets to the circle it has a chance of dropping a Vitality Herb.
When Beleth's Circle is yellow, there is a chance a helper NPC will spawn. There are 5 different types of helper NPCs that can spawn depending on your character's class, and 3 of them will give useful buffs before disappearing.
The helper NPC buffs are different depending on your character's class, and last for 5 minutes:
  • Sigel Knight/Tyrr Warrior/Iss Enchanter: Freed Knight buff
  • Othell Rogue/Yul Archer/Wynn Summoner: Freed Assassin buff
  • Feoh Wizard/Aeore Healer: Freed Wizard buff
  • In addition, there is a chance that Guphi and Willy NPCs will spawn
  • Guphi appears to mock players and then disappears
  • Willy will cast a buff or debuff on the player. The debuff is a bleed type debuff, while the buff increases Atk.Spd. And Cast Spd.

Desert Quarry

Level 99 Small Party Hunting Ground.
The existing Hellbound Quarry area has been changed to a small party hunting ground.
Monsters in the Desert Quarry can evolve up to 4 stages.
Evolved monsters are more powerful.
Activating the device in the Desert Quarry will give you one of the following:
  • Nothing
  • Gives 'Amplify Damage' buff: + 30% damage against monsters
  • Summons a Berserk Tanya
  • Gives a Scroll of Blessing: Armor (R95)
If you are hunting with a full party of 7 characters, "Immortal Tanya" may appear and inflict a power attack which can kill the entire party. She cannot be killed.
Monsters can evolve up to stage 3 with 100% probability. However, evolution to stage 4 happens at a low probability.
Monster evolution is based on the final blow dealt to the monster, whether it is a physical or magical attack.
Fire Slave Bridget -> Disciplined Deathmoz/Magical Deathmoz -> Disciplined Tanya/Magical Scarlett -> Berserk Tanya/Berserk Scarlett.
Flox Golem -> Disciplined Floxis/Magical Floxis ->Disciplined Tanya/Magical Scarlett -> Berserk Tanya/Berserk Scarlett.
Edan -> Disciplined Belika/Magical Belika -> Disciplined Tanya/Magical Scarlett -> Berserk Tanya/Berserk Scarlett.
Ravi's Boss Deathmos/Disciplined Lavi/Magical Lavi -> Ravi's Boss Deathmos Sheath/Disciplined Lavisys/Magical Lavisys/Explosive Lavisys/Soothing Lavisys -> Disciplined Tanya/Magical Scarlett -> Berserk Tanya/Berserk Scarlett.
When groups work together against certain monsters, buffs or items which increase damage can be acquired.

Phantasmal Ridge

Level 99 Party Hunting Ground
The existing Sand Swept Dunes and Caravan Post areas have been changed to a party hunting ground.
When hunting in the Phantasmal Ridge, you have a chance of getting the ‘Desert Thirst’ buff. This buff gives positive effects at level 1, 2 and 3 but negative effects at level 4 and 5.
The "Desert Thirst" effect can be removed near the Phantasmal Ridge.
"Desert Thirst" grants the following effects: increased P.Atk. and M.Atk., reduced Atk.Spd. and Casting Spd.
"Desert Thirst" can increase up to level 5, and the farther you are from the Phantasmal Ridge the higher the chance of the effect increasing in level
If one of the party members has the level 4 Desert Thirst, there is a chance that the monster Mirage Viper will spawn. The more party members have level 4 Desert Thirst, the higher the chance of the monster spawning. Mirage Viper is a very powerful monster that only spawns for 30 seconds, but if you can defeat it your party will receive the Thirst Quench buff which increases your stats significantly. If Mirage Viper is not defeated, Desert Thirst buff will increase to level 5.
Under level 5 of the Desert Thirst buff, your fighting abilities will be greatly reduced.
When the Desert Thirst effect is removed, the party's P.Atk. and M.Atk. will be doubled.

Refugee Camp

You can access the Refugees Camp from the warp gate in Heine.
Black Marketeer of Mammon sells Scroll of Escape: Hellbound.
A Sayune Jump located in the Refugee Camp will allow you move easily between Beleth's Circle, Desert Quarry, and Phantasmal Ridge.
Theorn spawns in the Refugee Camp at night. Help him with his research to receive a special reward increasing buff.
Herbs of Growth can drop from monsters in Hellbound:
  • Herb of Growth: Increases XP/SP by 50% for 10 minutes.
  • Major Herb of Growth: Increases XP/SP by 100% for 10 minutes.
Eternal Enhancement Stone - PVE and Eternal Enhancement Stone - PVP can also drop from monsters in Hellbound at a low probability.
Since Hellbound is a Level 99 exclusive hunting ground, any level 98 or below character will be automatically teleported to Heine if they attempt to enter Hellbound.

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