Game System Changes

Game System Changes


Reputation System

The Reputation Penalty debuff for players with negative reputation points has been removed:
  • BEFORE: Reputation Penalty (lvl 7) - P. Def./M. Def. -95%.
  • AFTER: Reputation Penalty (lvl 7) - No Debuff.

Vitality System

The consumption speed of Vitality from monsters has slightly increased.

Player Commendation System

The Player Commendation shop will be removed. Please be sure to use up any PC Points you have left before the update goes live.

Campaign System Removed

The entire campaign system that was introduced in the Goddess of Destruction update has been removed.
Marks of Lord and Marks of The King can be exchanged for Treasure Chests at the Aden Reconstruction NPC.
List of deleted campaigns:
  • Find Purified Souls
  • Intense Herbology
  • Find Hidden Jewels
  • Orbis Zone Campaign
  • Dispose of the Followers of Shilen
  • Bat Country
  • Bring the Antidote
  • Remove the Curse of Pestilence
  • Care to Dance
  • Destroy Daemon Angmas
  • Destroy Shilen’s Creatures
Aden and Rune Tax campaigns have also been deleted:
  • The Tax Campaign that occurs on Sundays will also be removed, but the light and dark castle system will remain.
The following quest-related items will also be deleted: 
  • Tax Bundle
  • Transport Box
  • Greater Transport Box
The Dimensional Door to the Altar of Shilen instance is now always open.
The following campaign-related items will also be deleted:
  • Tax Bundle
  • Transport Box
  • Greater Transport Box
  • Fearsome Firecracker
  • Tama Herb
  • Echo Crystal - Theme of Love (Campaign)
  • Echo Crystal - Theme of Festival (Campaign)
  • Echo Crystal - Theme of Celebration (Campaign)
  • Purified Soul
  • Hidden Jewel

Clan Request System Removed

The Clan Request System that was introduced in the Glory Days update has been deleted.
The NPC has been removed, all request points deleted, and the following items have also been deleted:
  • Bronze Key Guild Badge
  • Black Anvil Guild Badge
  • Golden Wheel Guild Badge
  • Clan Request - 7 Members
  • Clan Request - 14 Members
  • Multi Hammer

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