The Weeky Vitality Item limit has been removed.

The vitality system has been improved. The rules for vitality point loss have changed.

  • Below level 85: You lose more vitality points when hunting monsters.
  • Level 85 or above: Vitality points are decreased less when hunting monsters.

The weapons, armor, and hardened pouches that were dropped from having Vitality are no longer supplied.

The basic XP reward for monsters has been increased.

You can no longer use Vitality Replenishing items when the vitality bonus is at its maximum.

The XP acquired from the monsters in Kartia's Labyrinth (Party) has been changed.

  • The boss monster is no longer affected by vitality. But, acquired XP has been slightly adjusted up to match the existing acquired XP.

SP cannot exceed 2.1 billion. There is inconvenience of having to use it whenever it is at the maximum. We have reduced the amount of SP held by the character by 1/10.

  • We have also reduced the required SP for skill to 1/10. SP gained from monster, quest award SP, and all the other SP related numbers are reduced 1/10. There is no difference to the SP that a player has.
  • However, the required SP for increasing clan level to 1-5 is not going to be changed to reserve the purpose of clans.

We have changed the amount of XP required for levels 40 to 85.

We have changed the required amount of XP for levels below level 85 for balanced spending of time in each level.


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