Race Skills

Race Skills


The rules and methods for learning Race Characteristic Skills have been changed.

Race Characteristic Skills have been changed as follows:
Race Skills Detailed Effects
Human Aim Resistances for Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth have been increased by 10.
Human Mental Fortress Debuff resistance increased by 1%.
Elf Blessing of Water Water Resistance increased by 20.
Elf Delicacy Physical Critical Rate increased by 10. Magic Critical Rate increased by 10.
Dark Elf Blessing of Wind Wind Resistance increased by 20.
Dark Elf Sharpness Physical Critical Dmg. increased by 1%. Magic Critical Dmg. Increased by 1%.
Orc Blessing of Fire Fire Resistance increased by 20.
Orc Energetic Max HP, CP, and MP increased by 1%.
Dwarf Blessing of Earth Earth Resistance increased by 20.
Dwarf Dexterity Skill cool down reduced by 1%.
Kamael Dark Silence Dark Attack Resistance increased by 20.
Kamael Battle Instinct PvP damage increased by 1%.
Kamael Body Reinforcement Increased stats of transformed state.


The active race characteristic skills have been changed to "Revelation Skills."

Any race may choose any 2 "Revelation Skills" through the Monk of Chaos NPC in Reliquary of the Giants.

You need "Chaotic Pomander," or "Chaotic Pomander (Dual Class)."

  • We supply 2 for each Dual Class and Main Class.

You can reset a "Revelation Skill" through a "Monk of Chaos" by paying 100 million Adena. However, all Chaos Pomanders will be consumed.


Revelation Skill Changes
Unbind Cancels all debuff and becomes immune for 10 seconds.
Prevision Increases Physical and Magical Evasion by 90, Speed +50 for 15 seconds.
Disparition Cancels all debuffs on the caster. Cannot be targeted for 5 seconds.
Savage Increases Attack Damage by 10%, Magic Attack Damage by 20%, Attack Speed by 10%, Casting Speed by 10 for 60 seconds. Reduces Physical and Magic Defense by 10% for 60 seconds.
Undying Will Becomes invincible for 5 sec when receiving damage when the character is below 30% of its maximum HP. The effect only occurs once every 5 minutes.
Endurance For 5 seconds, returns 50% of the damage received from melee attacks back to the attacker and recovers 460 HP every second.
Earth Tremor Knocks down all of the surrounding enemies for 2 seconds and reduces Physical and Magic Defense by 30%.
Soul Protection For 60 seconds, blocks debuff attacks 2 times.

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