PvP Changes



Participation requirements have been changed from the existing 8 awakened classes to 34 awakened classes.
  • You cannot participate in the Olympiad while in the previous awakened class.
  • Class battles will proceed according to the following occupations.
Occupation Class
Knight Sigel Phoenix Knight, Sigel Hell Knight, Sigel Eva's Templar, Sigel Shillien Knight
Warrior Tyrr Duelist, Tyrr Dreadnought, Tyrr Titan, Tyrr Grand Khavatari, Tyrr Maestro, Tyrr Doombringer
Othell Adventurer, Othell Wind Rider, Othell Ghost Hunter, Othell Fortune Seeker
Wizard Feoh Archmage, Feoh Soul Taker, Feoh Mystic Muse, Feoh Storm Screamer, Feoh Soul Hound
Enchanter Iss Hierophant, Iss Sword Muse, Iss Spectral Dancer, Iss Dominator, Iss Doom Cryer
Healer Aeore Cardinal, Aeore Eva's Saint, Aeore Shillien Saint
Summoner Wynn Arcana Lord, Wynn Elemental Master, Wynn Spectral Master
Archer Yul Sagittarius, Yul Moonlight Sentinel, Yul Ghost Sentinel, Yul Trickster
Upon becoming a hero, the amount of acquired clan reputation points has changed from 5000 to 1000.
The problem of the Olympiad arena's interior sometimes being set as a peace zone has been corrected.
When an Olympiad match participant uses an item, the problem of the item use message being displayed to the audience has been fixed.

Ceremony of Chaos


Requirements for participating in the Ceremony of Chaos have been changed from level 76 with 3rd class transfer to level 85 with awakened class completed.
The "Mysterious Butler" no longer sells the Scroll: Summon Bratty Angma (level 76-84).
Clan reputation points that can be obtained from the "Combat-type Bratty Angma" have changed from 30 to 100.
Clan reputation points that can be obtained from the summon reward-type pet have changed from 100 to 500.
The problem of a character's transparent status being cancelled sometimes during the 60 second match start time has been corrected.
You can also read more pre-Lindvior changes that occurred to Ceremony of Chaos here.


The Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread debuffs cannot be removed.
The duration for the Heroic Grandeur and Heroic Dread skills have been changed as follows:
  • Heroic Grandeur: 60 seconds → 15 seconds

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