Dragon Claw Weapons

Dragon Claw Weapons


The most powerful weapons in existences have finally arrived! Weapons born of the most powerful monsters in Aden: the dragons Lindvior, Antharas and Valakas. The Dragon Claw weapons can only be obtained by defeating these legendary creatures, doing so infuses the weapon with the essence and power of the dragon. The power of the Dragon Claw weapons can also be upgraded beyond their already impressive might. Neither obtaining nor upgrading these amazing weapons is easy, only the truly committed shall wield their strength.


If you defeat the epic raid bosses Antharas, Valakas, and Lindvior, there is a small chance that dragon claw weapon will drop.

  • The first dropped characteristic of the weapon is a fragment that is incomplete.
  • The dragon claw weapon abilities are very high even when they are just fragments.
  • Each dragon claw weapon can be enhanced for a characteristic effect.
  • The weapon type is slightly different depending on the epic raid boss.


Epic Raid Boss Weapon Type
Antharas Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Sword, Magical One-Handed Sword, Polearm, Fist Weapon, One-Handed Blunt, Dual Blunt Weapon, Dualsword
Valakas Dagger, Bow, Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Sword, Magical One-Handed Sword, Magical One-Handed Blunt, Magical Two-Handed Blunt
Lindvior Dagger, Bow, Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Sword, Magic One-Handed Blunt, Crossbow, Dual Dagger


  • The Dragon Claw weapons can be divided into 4 stages, fragment, normal, high-grade, and top-grade. You can upgrade fragments to enhance them.
  • When upgrading the dragon claw weapon, you need "Dragon Claws" and various ingredients.
  • "Dragon Claws" can be obtained from epic raid bosses.
  • The weapons can be upgraded as follows according to type:
    a. Antharas: Antharas Watchman Theodric
    b. Valakas: Valakas Watchman Klein
    c. Lindvior: Aden's Wizard Jenna
  • The weapon's name and color change according to the upgrade stage.
  • When upgrading the dragon claw weapon, the weapon's special abilities are increased further. Starting from high-grade, it becomes imbued with powerful special skills.
  • The dragon claw weapons can be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private shop, stored in a private warehouse, and stored in a clan warehouse.
  • The weapons cannot receive enchants and attributes. Crystallization is not permitted. They cannot be used in the Ceremony of Chaos or in Olympiad matches.

Images of the weapons can be found on our forum post here.

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