Clan Recruitment System

Clan Recruitment System




A clan joining system has been added to allow for two-way communication among those recruiting clan members and those seeking to join a clan. Clans can use the clan joining system to recruit members. Prospective clan members can get a sense of the clan's temperament by reading the clan's detailed introduction and they can join a clan that fits their personality.  Also, prospective clan members can register on the waiting list to show their personality, and the clan can use that information to check for characters who want to join the clan.

Clan Members

  • Clan lords and other clan members who have the right to manage ranks can create or edit clan recruitment notices through the clan registration button.
  • Upon completing the clan recruitment notice, a requester list button is added to allow you to check on those who wish to join.
  • Clan lords and other clan members who have the right to manage ranks can invite or refuse prospective clan members.
  • When the first recruitment notice is complete, it is registered in the currently possess clan reputation points order. Afterward, the clan reputation points order is reordered every day at 6:30.
  • If a character requests to join a clan, a notice icon appears for the clan lord and other clan members who have the right to manage ranks.
  • You can check the information of characters who wish to join your clan through "Waiting List."
  • The registered clan recruitment notice is automatically deleted after 30 days of the initial creation.
  • When the registered clan recruitment notice is deleted, you can register a new notice after 5 minutes.

Prospective clan members

  • Characters that don't belong to a clan can request to join a clan after reading the clan recruitment notices. Multiple requests are not permitted.
  • When a request to join a clan is cancelled, you receive a 5 minute penalty before you can re-request to join.
  • A maximum of 200 players can request to join based on the recruitment notices.
  • The waiting list can be seen through "Waiting List" and if someone doesn't join the clan within 30 days, the list is deleted.
  • If the waiting list registration is cancelled, you incur a penalty of not being able to make the same request for 5 minutes.