Character Changes

Character Changes



The Awakening system has changed. You can Awaken to 34 different classes.

  • For the third class, you can advance to a new Awakened class through the corresponding "Giant's Statue."
  • Second Class and Third Class Skills will stay after your character awakens.
  • The main class must change to a new awakened class in order for the dual class to change to a new awakened class as well.
  • Tyrr Maestro is restricted to the Dwarf race and Iss Dominator is restricted to the Orc Race. Both classes are only available for the main class.

The characters that are already awakened may change to a new class through "Hardin" in Reliquary of the Giants.

  • When you are on hero or hero stand-by status, you may not change the class.


Your main class and dual class can have the same class occupation (Warrior, Rogue, Healer...etc), but with different class specializations.

  • Example of possible combination: Main Sigel Hell Knight / Dual Sigel Phoenix Knight.


Dual classes may re-awaken through "Raina" on Talking Island.

  • You may re-awaken in the dual class only after changing the main class to a new awakened class.
  • The original dual class could not choose the same class group as the main class. But, now it just cannot choose the same specialization class as the main class.

If you awaken through "Hardin" you can obtain 2 "Chaos Essences" for class change. If you take the Chaos Essences to Hardin, you may change to another awakened class within your class group.

  • The Chaos Essence expires in 30 days.
  • Only the main class may obtain and use the Chaos Essence.
  • You may not use the Chaos Essence while you are in hero status or hero stand-by status.
  • You will keep your Olympiad points even after changing classes with the Chaos Essence.


The Stone of Destiny has been deleted from all player quest inventories and private warehouses.


We have eliminated the effects receiving higher damage when the Evasion is higher than the target's Accuracy.


We have eliminated ranged attacks such as bows and crossbows dealing different damage depending on the distance. Ranged physical attacks damage is no longer affected by the distance.


You can no longer do "Split Destiny" quest as a Judicator.

  • If you have already completed the Split Destiny quest as Judicator, you may awaken into one of the 4 Iss Enchanter classes.


Characters that are between level 1-90 may receive Melody, Harmony, and Sonata buffs from Adventurer's Guide.


When you awake dual class through "Hardin" you may obtain 2 "Chaos Essence - For dual class." If you take "Chaos Essence - For dual class." to Hardin, you may change the class within the same criteria.

  • "Chaos Essence - For dual class." Expires in 30 days.
  • You may only use the Chaos Essence - For dual class while not having a "Chaos Essence - for main class."
  • We have given two "Chaos Essence - For dual class." for awakened dual class characters.

Third Class legacy weapons have been deleted from all characters.


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