Buff Changes

Buff Changes


Changed some of the skill effects of "Art of Seduction" from "Enhanced Rose Spirit.

  • Casting time: 3 seconds → 5 seconds
  • Cool down: 40 minutes → 5 minutes
  • Buff duration: 20 minutes → 30 minutes

'Mesmerized' debuff deleted

We have added a new item, "Divine Protection Elixir" that has similar effects with "Art of Seduction.

  • "Divine Protection Elixir" item effects: Maximum HP, MP, and CP increase by 30% for 30 minutes. Defense and Magic Defense increase by 30%. Cannot use Olympiad. Can use in Ceremony of Chaos, cooldown is 5 minutes.

Characters that are level 85 or above may use "Divine Protection Elixir" regardless of their classes. They cannot use in Olympiad.

When you receive "Art of Seduction" while you are under "Divine Protection Elixir," the elixir effects disappear.

"Divine Protection Elixir" can be crafted through a recipe. There are 2 recipes, each for "Tyrr Maestro Only" and "For those who have completed the fourth class transfer only."

  • There is a chance to receive the recipes through the Adventure Guildsman (Instanced Dungeon) by giving Seal of Pledge x65, Seal of Sincerity x65, or Seal of Spirit x32.


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