Additional Patches

Additional Patches (Post-Lindvior)

Note: These patch notes went live in Korea after Lindvior launched. They were included in our version without any notice. We apologize for this inconvenience. We will be continuously adding more notes to this section.


Raid Boss | Skill Changes | UI

Raid Boss

The following raid boss’ spawn times have been changed:

Raid Boss Days of the Week Time
Queen Ant Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 21:00
Orfen Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 21:00
Baium Sunday 16:00

The minimum entry requirements for the Baium raid is now 42 instead of 21 members.
Wait time for the Frintezza raid is now 1 minute instead of 10 minutes.

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Skill Changes

The following Tyrr Warrior skill effects have been changed:

Skill Effects
Infinity Strike Skill power increased
Lightning Force

P. Atk. levels increased.  Speed increase added.  In Stage 3, has a 10% chance to retain Lightning Force stage 3 during a critical attack.

Superior Weapon Mastery P. Atk. increased
Superior Dual Weapon Mastery P. Atk. increased
Superior HP Mastery P. Atk. increased.  P. Atk. increases when HP is 60% or below
Monsters will now respond when you use Throw Sand and Lure Shot skills.


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UI & Other Changes

We moved the following Adventurer’s Guides to be close to the Gatekeeper:
  • Town of Giran
  • Town of Dion
  • Town of Schuttgart
Added the Adventurer’s Guide to the following towns:
  • Gludin Village
  • Ancient City Arcan
Deleted each town’s Newbie Helper and Adventurer Helper and unified their functions into Adventurer’s Guide.
Fixed issue in which the title of the check box in the Mailbox UI would display.
Now you can delete your subclass even when your subclass is a 3rd Kamael class.
Fixed overlaying letter display when undoing attributes through Attribute Master Yang.
Fixed issue in which the client would force-close when character is teleporting.
Added the option in the movement/audio tab in Options/Settings to move forward while clicking the left and right mouse-click buttons simultaneously. 


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