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Kartia’s Labyrinth

The HP of the Kartia Dimensional Watchman, Zellaka, Pelline, and Kalios monsters is reduced.

In the solo-type Kartia’s Labyrinth only, if you kill the Kartia Dimensional Watcher that spawns in the 7th stage of battle on the first floor, the new Life Plunderer monster appears. When Life Plunderer’s HP drops below 10%, the Boiling Blood buff is applied to the character. While the Boiling Blood buff is active, the character can resurrect on the same spot with XP, HP, and MP all recovered completely. This buff is only active while the player is in the instance.

The Kartia Research NPC is now is a position on the Aden’s towns plaza fountain that allows for easier targeting.

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Fairy Settlement

Long ago Kimerian and the fairies under his control settled in Magmeld. The Decaying Darkness has been seeping into the realm over time, however, and now the Cocoon Destroyer appears, spreading the curse of darkness and corrupting Kimerian and the fairies further.

The Cocoons and Large Cocoons in Fairy Settlement now present more challenge and reward. The raid boss Kimerian now gives more XP reward in both normal and Epic raid versions.

The level of the monsters in the regular Cocoons is lower, but the level of those in Large Cocoons is higher. When a Cocoon appears, there is a random chance that the Cocoon Destroyer monster will also appear. Upon killing Cocoon Destroyer, a Wisp may randomly spawn to restore characters’ HP and MP, and to provide characters with a buff that increases P. Atk. and M. Atk. This area is suitable to characters levels 88 to 94 playing solo or in a small party.

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Guillotine Fortress

The XP reward for defeating the Scaldisect the Furious monster is increased.

The locations and amount of monsters that appear in Guillotine Fortress is changed.

The Proof of Survival item now expires after 30 minutes instead of only 10 minutes, and the chance of obtaining it is increased.

The following monsters are now of Undead classification:

  • Haskal the Floating Ghost
  • Rosenia's Divine Spirit
  • Kelbara the Dualsword Slaughterer
  • Isaad

The Proof of Survival item can no longer be obtained from these monsters:

  • Hakal the Butchered
  • Adidaiu of the Killer Fangs
  • Centa the Standing Beast
  • Samita the Ex-Torture Expert

The Guillotine of Death raid boss can now appear at any time instead of only at night. (His respawn time after defeat still applies, however). He also now has a sword aura effect on his weapon.

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Raid Boss Changes


The Teredor raid can now be accessed by a minimum of 5 players (instead of 7), and the raid instances maximum time is increased to 60 minutes (from 45 minutes). Teredor now spawns fewer Elite Millipedes than before, and all subordinate monsters no longer provide XP nor SP. Teredor himself, however, now provides more XP, SP and rewards. The instance dungeon resets when Teredor dies.


Tauti’s target window now displays more information.

The duration of Tauti’s Ultra Whirlwind and Ultra Typhoon skills is increased, but the frequency of their use is decreased.

Tauti’s resistance to all debuffs is increased.

The subordinate monster Jahak appears less frequently now, and the power of his Petra Injection – Enhance HP Recovery skill is decreased.

The difficulty level of the Tauti Normal and Epic raids is decreased.


The difficulty level of the follow raids is decreased:

  • Octavis Epic Raid
  • Istina Epic Raid
  • Antharas
  • Valakas

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Miscellaneous Zones Changes

  • While flying in a transformed state, characters can no longer use teleport devices to travel to the Seeds of Infinity, Destruction, Annihilation, or Hellfire.
  • Monsters that dropped herbs now also drop vitality herbs.
  • Some NPCs in villages now have updated appearances in higher-grade armor.


  • The location where the Guillotine of Death monster begins to summon followers is changed, and the summon rate of the followers is reduced.
  • The following Seed of Hellfire monsters’ skills are changed into debuffs:
    • Goods Strike
    • Vernier Calipers Strike
    • Spear Bash
    • Goods Throw
  • Knock Back skills no longer effect NPCs Snow and Haia on Fantasy Isle.
  • Cutscenes in the Prison of Darkness sequences can now be cancelled. Also, all cutscenes for the Prison of Darkness instance have been removed except for that in which Spezion makes his appearance.
  • Characters can no longer switch between their main class, Dual Class, or Subclass while inside the Dimensional Treasure Chest instance.
  • Some instances zones now delete faster once there are no characters inside the dungeon.
  • If a character is disconnecting while in Antharas' Lair or Valakas' Lair, they can resume playing at the same location if they reconnect within 20 minutes.
  • It is no longer possible to equip or use items while travelling through Sayune.

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Bug Fixes

Kartia’s Labyrinth

  • The issue of the Kartia Dimensional Watchman sometimes appearing in the 7th stage of the third floor battle of the Level 90 solo-type Kartia’s Labyrinth instance is fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to break down the door to the boss room from the 2nd floor passageway in the level 95 Kartia’s Labyrinth instances.
  • The issue of the boss chamber door not opening even when the Kartia Dimensional Watcher from the 2nd floor is near in the solo Kartia’s Labyrinth instances is fixed.
  • The Kartia Dimensional Watcher’s Shadow Dash skill tooltip now displays the correct duration time.
  • The problem of some party members not acquiring XP when the boss and subordinate monsters are defeated simultaneously in the party-type Kartia's Labyrinth is fixed.

Guillotine Fortress

  • Energy of Destruction can now be obtained through hunting monsters in the Guillotine Fortress with no issues.
  • The issue of some party members at a distance not obtaining the Proof of Survival item when defeating a Guillotine Fortress monster is corrected.
  • Various issues about the Guillotine of Death raid boss spawning before his re-spawn time, or not at all, are fixed.
  • The dialogue screen now displays correctly when speaking to the Warden Assistant NPC in Guillotine Fortress.
  • The Knock Down motion now displays correctly when used on some monsters in Guillotine Fortress.


  • The Fortuna instance raid boss Weeping Yui now appears with no issues.
  • If the Fortuna boss Enraged Master Kinen is defeated near the door, reward items no longer occasionally drop on the other side of the door, where they were inaccessible.
  • The problem of Enraged Master Kinen not appearing even after defeating all of its subordinates is corrected.
  • Fixed a problem where the screen background would not disappear when entering the Fortuna instance dungeon.
  • Raid boss Ron’s name no longer appears incorrectly as “Tron” in the Yoentumak the Waiter’s target window.
  • The problem of monsters sometimes not appearing in the Fortuna instance dungeon is fixed.

Seed of Hellfire

  • The issue of a character’s sword aura not displaying in certain areas of the Seed of Hellfire is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue in which the Sophas would annihilate the Kundas and result in the boss instance not being eliminated, even when the 2nd floor training area’s Kundas have not been defeated in the Tauti normal mode battle.

Crystal Caverns

  • The Crystal Caverns raid boss Veridan’s heal skill no longer continues to apply after he is defeated.
  • The issue of the Adventure Guildsman NPC sometimes not appearing after the final bosses of the Crystal Caverns, Steam Corridor, and Emerald Square raids are defeated is fixed.
  • The issue of sometimes not being able to teleport to the Hall of Jewels through the Crystal Guard Golem in the Coral Garden instance dungeon is fixed. The Golem now gives a Key to the Hall of Jewels item, which can be used to open doors in the instance.
  • The problem of not being able to inflict damage with a bow weapon on the Water Cannon that appears in the Emerald Square instance dungeon is fixed.


  • Fixed a problem where the reappearance cycle for Earth Wyrm Trasken would become set to 1 week instead of 2 weeks when the NPC server went down.
  • The issue of a previous conversation with an NPC appearing when using an item that creates a pop-up window is fixed.
  • The issue of the Sayune icon appearing or not appearing as necessary according to a character’s class mode and level is fixed.
  • The Soulless Wild Boar raid boss’s location is now listed correctly in the World Info tab of the Map.
  • When the Bloody Mystic appears in the Watcher’s Tomb, the Bloody Keeper no longer disappears.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Seed Energy and Star Stones from being gathered.
  • The audio dialogue for raid boss Istina now plays without issue.
  • The re-use time for the Giant Cannonball item in Prison of Darkness no longer incorrectly displays 5 minutes in the pop-up window.
  • Fixed a problem in which a black object would appear in the sky near the Wastelands. (No, it’s wasn’t a UFO.)
  • Fixed the awkward appearance of bars at Pagan's Temple.
  • Escaping from Kamael Village no longer transports the character to the Cave of Souls.
  • Using an Escape or Return skill inside the Hellbound Urban Area instanced zone no longer transports the character to the interior of Steel Citadel.
  • The raid boss Greyclaw Kutus of Abandoned Camp is removed from the game, as the renovations to that area moved his spawn location to an unreachable area.
  • Using the Dimensional Vortex in the Tower of Insolence now consumes Dimension Stones and teleports characters properly.
  • It is no longer possible for all Command Channel members to enter Antharas’ Lair without possessing a portal stone.
  • The issue of some terrain features missing when teleported to a specific location in Gludio is fixed.
  • The issue of Kimerian’s invincibility buff not cancelling once all of the Kimerian Ghost monsters are defeated in the Kimerian normal raid is fixed.
  • The issue of the Mutated Elpy NPC sometimes not appearing, and thus prevent the Core Naia battle from proceeding, is fixed.
  • The problem of all party members sometimes not teleporting to Orbis Temple through the Escape Device even after all records are obtain is fixed.
  • The problem of the Escape Device timer not displaying the countdown time to players entering the Prison of Darkness is fixed.
  • The location of the Nevit’s Herald NPC in Oren has changed in order to not overlap with the Mentor Guide NPC.
  • When using the /location command in the last Imperial Tomb instance dungeon now displays the correct zone name.
  • The problem of not being able to acquire the dropped item after defeating the Seed of Infinity raid boss Awakened Ancient Fighter at a specific location is fixed.
  • The problem of teleporting to somewhere other than the entry village upon exiting the Delusion Chamber Anteroom is fixed.
  • The problem of sometimes acquiring negative PC Points after completing Rim Kamaloka is fixed.
  • The issue of not being able to teleport to certain areas of the Hellbound continent’s Battered Lands is fixed.

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