Revamped Zones

Isle of Souls | Nornil's Cave | Nornil's Garden | Pagan's Temple


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Isle of SoulsGDaysPN_Isle-of-Souls.jpg

Recommended Level Zone Type
92-96 Solo or small party hunting

The Black Anvil Guild Golems and Dwarf Soldiers are in constant battle against Mother Nornil’s cloned Spiculas and the Golem Corps of Dr. Chaos throughout the Isle of Souls.

The Isle of Souls is revamped with new monsters as a hunting ground for solo players or small parties between levels 92 and 96. The monsters and environment provide opportunities for strategic combat:

  • If you kill a Spicula that a Black Anvil Guild Golem is fighting, that Golem will temporarily become an ally and help you fight other monsters.
  • Sometimes a Self-Destruct Golem will appear next to a character and use a self-destruction skill. When this happens, any allied Golems present become enemies. Nearby monsters are also affected by the self-destruction skill, but they are rendered helpless.
  • In some places, Spicula cloning devices are constantly spawning monsters. Sometimes, allied soldiers and a Cannon Golem may appear near the cloning device to help you fight. A Cannonball Golem can be of great help when hunting monsters.
  • The roaming Gigantic Golem raid boss presents a surprising challenge to any that cross his path.

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Nornil’s Cave

Recommended Level Zone Type
93-96 Small party hunting

A program to expel intruders has been initialized in accordance with super computer Mother Nornil. The Spicula Kamael, living weapon’s at the service of Mother Nornil’s continuously work to expel intruders from Nornil’s Cave.

Nornil’s Cave on the Isle of Souls has been reborn as a level 93-96 small party hunting zone, with new monsters and challenges. From ground level, delve down into the darkness of the cave on foot, or use the Nornil Teleport Device at the entrance to travel directly to certain areas of the cave. As you explore, beware alarms and the Spicula cloning devices; if these see you or are attacked they will summon backup and you’ll be swarmed by monsters! In the cave’s central room is the Bozz Core, which can grant access to the Nornil’s Garden raid instance to a party of characters level 93 or higher.


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Nornil’s GardenGDaysPN_SpiculaZero.jpg

Raid Type Daily Instanced Dungeon
Recommended Level 93-99
Number of Players Party
Instance Reset Time 6:30 a.m. (server time) every day
Entrance NPC Bozz Core in Nornil's Cave
Related Quests Soulless One

The head of the hordes of cloned Spiculas, raid boss Spicula Zero reigns the Nornil’s Garden instance dungeon. Upon entering, the raid party must progress through the zone until reaching the raid boss in the final room.

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Pagan’s TempleGDaysPN_PagansTemple-small.jpg

Recommended Level Zone Type
98-99 Solo or party hunting

Shilen awoke with the Seal of Disaster. In order to complete the Great Sacrifice, she has begun moving the four demon lords of hell: Halisha, Malloc, Triol, and Bremmnon. Under Shilen’s orders, Helan’s leader Triol has ordered his subordinates Andreas van Halter, Jacuques Doom, and others, into the world to prepare for the Great Sacrifice and his own transfer to the material realm. Jacques Doom has started churning out bloodsucking insects while Andreas van Halter produces pagans and spreads them into the heart of Rune.

The Pagan’s Temple zone is revamped to suit characters level 98 and higher, and is suitable for solo, small party, or full party hunting.
The Pagan’s Key item obtained from killing monsters now opens all the doors in Pagan’s Temple. (The original Anteroom Key, Chapel Key, and Key of Darkness items remain in the game and can also be used.)

The raid boss Andreas van Halter is now level 99 and spawns on the first floor of the altar platform, which is now accessible through open doors.


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