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Options Panel

The Apply and Close Window button is added in addition to the basic Apply button.

Video tab:

  • Added the Preset Performance setting that lets you quickly switch between high and low detail configurations as well as to a Customized setting for your own preferences.
  • Added a function that easily changes graphics quality in the video settings.

System/Audio tab:

  • This tab is renamed to the Configuration/Audio tab.

Game tab:

  • This tab is divided into two new tabs: Communications, where you can manage party loot and invitation options, and Screen Information, where you can manage the on-screen information you see such as player names, gauges, and dialogue box settings.
  • All On and All Off buttons are added to some of the categories in the Screen Information tab for faster setting changes.

Damage Text tab:

  • All On and All Off buttons are added for faster setting changes.

Shortcut tab:

  • Some of the category names in the Shortcut window are renamed for clarity:
    • “Flying State” is now the “Airship” tab
    • “Transform State” is now the “Flying Transformation State” tab
  • The Shortcut tab is revamped to unify shortcut keys across multiple categories, such as Airship.

Some descriptions in the Graphic Settings tab are adjusted to be more accurate.

  • Target Information is now “Hostile Target’s Pets and Servitors”
  • Summon Points is now “Skill Casting Bar”

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L2 Store

The interface of the in-game L2 Store has been revamped for easier browsing and optimum information display.

  • Store items are now displayed by page of larger item displays, instead of by scrolling list of item names.
  • Each item’s detail layout area is now larger, is integrated into the page-based browsing system, and includes the icon, item name, price, and description. More item details can be viewed by hovering over the item icon.
  • The Feature tab is added, where you can browse the latest promotions, more recommended items, and the most popular items easily.
  • In the other pre-existing tabs you can now sort the item list by date, name, or price.
  • Items that deserve special mention are now marked with colorful banners:
    • New: This item is new to the store.
    • Event: This item is in the store for a limited time only as part of a special promotion.
    • Best: This item is one of those recommended by NCSOFT West staff as being a top seller, excellent deal, or most recommended for the time being.
  • A Favorites function is added in the form of a star-shaped box that can be checked to list that item as one of your favorites. Your Favorites list can be found in the My Shop tab.
  • The My Shop button is added, which extends a new tab that shows your Purchase History and your Favorites.

Please note that there is currently a “Gift” button next to the “Purchase” button in each item display, but it is grayed out, as the Gift system is not currently enabled for NCSOFT West servers.

The L2 Store button on-screen also has a new appearance, and if there are new items in the store you will now see the word “new” on the button.


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Miscellaneous Interface and System Changes

The game client’s memory is improved in order to solve the issue of intermittent lag and decreased client speed during long hours of hunting or large-scale raids.

The party system, search, and replacement interface no longer overlaps with the skill casting bar.

When an account is attempted to be logged in a second time, the displayed error message is changed from “Another player has attempted to log in” to “You are already logged in. If you suspect another person of logging in with your account, please change your password, run a virus check, and use the security services.”

Augment and Remove Augment interface windows can now be viewed together.

Mail can now be opened and the contents checked anywhere in the world, but it remains that contents cannot be claimed unless the recipient character is in a Peace Zone.

The museum statistics for all statues and monuments of each village and castle have been deleted.

Awakening class effects when in Low Quality graphics settings is optimized.

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Bug Fixes

  • When a character that is level 97 is resurrected, the displayed damage text XP amount appearing as a number is fixed.
  • The issue of the checkbox mark not appearing when checking the Decline Trades option in the Game Options menu is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue of some player characters not displaying when the Display Limit setting is changed when in Low Detail performance mode.
  • Moved miscellaneous stray letters and characters that appeared on loading screens.
  • Museum: Fixed an issue in which an equipped shield would not display properly on Museum statues. Also fixed an issue in which the amount of Soulshot (R-Grade) use would not display correctly in the statistics list. Blessed Spiritshot use is deleted from the general section of the Museum statistics.
  • Caps lock can no longer be designated as a shortcut key for when a character is in the following states: Flying Transformation, Airship, or Enter Chat.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Use GPU option would not apply properly upon restarting the game.
  • The Bulletin menu tab can now be searched properly.
  • The issue of characters sometimes logging in inside of a building or structure in Gludio is fixed.
  • The issue of a third person’s view of a character shooting an arrow at another character sometimes displaying the arrow going the wrong way is fixed.

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