Clan Wars and Bug Fixes

To declare a clan war, a clan must now be level 5 or higher with 15 or more clan members. A single clan can declare war on up to 30 other clans at the same time. As before, there no limit on how many declarations a single clan can receive.

Before, a clan war would start once both clans declare war mutually, or else the war would start automatically after a 3-day grace period. Now, clans are no longer forced into a clan war, but hostility counts as acceptance: if both clans declare war mutually, or if 5 members of the declaring clan are killed by the targeted clan, the clan war begins. The clan that had war declared upon it can keep track of their PK count, and the amount of time remaining on a declaration invitation, in the War Info tab of the clan window.

A war declaration can be canceled by the declaring clan at the cost of 5,000 Clan Points, but it may also time-out if the declaration does not receive a response after 1 week.

Members of a clan that has had war declared upon it now see an identifying clan war mark on the members of the declaring clan.

During a clan war, Clan Fame being transferred due to PK between clan members now displays as a screen message and as a system message, detailing the clan, character name, and score.

A clan war ends if the declaration is not answered within 1 week or if the declaration is withdrawn.

With the changes to clan warfare, all clan wars in process at the time of the Glory Days launch are reset.


Bug Fixes

  • The problem of a black spot appearing when the clan leader changes the Captain of the Royal Guard or the Knight Captain is corrected.
  • When the dismiss button is pressed, the Member Info tab now closes.
  • Fixed a problem where clans could not advance to levels 6 or 7 via normal means.
  • The problem of a 10-day limit penalty applying to a character that cancels clan disbandment and creates a new clan as the leader is fixed.
  • The Blood Queen monster now drops the Proof of Blood item without issue.
  • The issue of the clan members’ system message displaying incorrectly when an Academy member graduates is fixed.
  • When a clan war is proclaimed or ends, the problem of the clan war mark on enemy clan members’ pets and servitors not changing is fixed.
  • The system message stating the requirements for when a popular edition clan hall cannot be submitted for auction has been changed.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that caused some parts of the Rune provisional clan hall decorations to appear dark.
  • Fixed the issue in which the competition for the Provisional Clan Halls would not be displayed by the auctioneer NPC in charge.
  • A typo in the Provisional Clan Hall Auctioneer’s auction period information display is corrected.
  • The problem of being able to bid on the same type of Provisional Clan Hall concurrently is corrected.