Vitality, Mentor and PK Changes

Vitality | Mentor System | PK System | Bug Fixes


The Vitality system has reverted to being character-based instead of account based, but even better; your character's main class, Dual Class, and Subclass each have a unique Vitality pool and weekly Vitality item limit!

The consumption speed of Vitality points when gaining XP is increased.

Keep in mind that, as of Goddess of Destruction launch, having Vitality points does create a drop rate bonus, but not having Vitality points creates a drop rate penalty. To achieve the most, have at least a few Vitality points on your character or class at all times.


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Mentor System

When Mentors and Mentees switch between class modes (main class, Dual Class, Subclass) they can now retain the following skill buffs and similar runes:

  • Mentor’s Knight’s Harmony
  • Mentor’s Warrior’s Harmony
  • Mentor’s Wizard’s Harmony
  • Mentor’s Mentee’s Appreciation
  • Mentee’s Mentor Summon

Graduated Mentees can become Mentors in less time than before; Mentoring contracts can be created just one day after Awakening instead of five days. If a Mentoring contract is canceled the Mentor can make a new contract after only two days instead of one week.

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PK System

The Reputation and Player Kill (PK) systems are revamped to protect players from senseless PKing while still allowing Chaotic characters to redeem themselves in a timely fashion.

Reputation Score Changes

The maximum Reputation score is now 500, at which time the character’s name becomes green. With the launch of Glory Days, all character Reputation scores over 500 will be reset to 500, and those below 0 will be reset to 0.

A character’s Reputation score now decreases much more sharply after PK count reaches 4.

When a character with positive Reputation PKs another player:

  • Reputation resets to 0 if the player had PK count of 0 beforehand.
  • Reputation decreases below 0 if the player had a PK count of 1 or more beforehand.

New methods allow characters to increase their Reputation score:

  • When a character’s Reputation is negative, they can still acquire XP, SP, and Reputation up to a score of 0 by hunting monsters. Reputation can also be gained up to a score of 0 through deaths that involve the loss of XP. (If no XP is lost upon death, no Reputation is gained from the death.)
  • When a character’s Reputation score is 0 or higher (positive), killing a Chaotic character increases the Reputation score further.

Item Drop Penalty

The item destruction penalty from the days of yore returns: when a Chaotic character with negative Reputation and a PK count of 4 or higher dies, an item destruction penalty applies even to augmented items. (A character with normal Reputation is not affected by the penalty.) The change of item destruction, and the number of items to be destroy, increases according to the character’s PK count, to a maximum of five items destroyed upon a single death.

Reputation Penalty

The Reputation Penalty is a debuff that increases in intensity proportionally to the character’s PK count. A character with a PK count of 3 or less can only receive a Stage 1 Reputation Penalty, but when the PK count reaches 4 and higher the penalty’s intensity increases proportionally to the character’s Reputation score.

Reputation Penalty Level








XP effects

XP is lost upon death and does not refill upon resurrection

P. Def. and M. Def. decrease








Repent Your Sins Quest

The Repent Your Sins quest returns as a daily quest that can be used to reduce PK count. Visit the Quests section to learn more.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in which a Noblesse character without a subclass could not add a Subclass. 
  • The Mentor’s Mentee List now updates properly if the Mentee’s account status or server changes.
  • The issue of a Mentee sometimes being able to make a contract with two or more Mentors is corrected. The issue of a Mentor sometimes being able  to make a contract with more than three Mentees is also corrected.
  • The issue of a Mentor sometimes being able to set up another contract before an existing contract has ended is corrected.
  • When the Mentee is disconnected, the problem of the Mentor receiving the Mentee’s Appreciation is corrected.
  • The problem of a connected Mentee not being confirmed in the Mentor’s mentoring UI is corrected.

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