Skill Changes

Skill Changes


New Skills

New Eviscerator skills have been added: 

Skill Effect
Infighter Can be acquired at Lv. 97. When this passive skill is learned and the ‘Right Sidestep’ skill is used, the ‘Inside Position’ effect will be activated, which will increase the Physical Critical Rate.
Inside Position –
Proc effect of Infighter
The skill level is accumulated:
- Lv 1: Critical Rate increases by 10
- Lv 2: Critical Rate increases by 20
- Lv 3: Critical Rate increases by 40 and Critical Damage increases by 10%


Changes to Existing Skills

Class Skill Effect
Eviscerator Fluid Weave Reduced skill casting time. 1s >0s
Back Step

Skill Lv.3 – Restores 30%HP
Skill Lv.4 – Restores 40%HP

Crushing Air Skill casting range increased. Range 400 > 600
Gravity Barrier
Reduced skill casting time. 1s >0s
Reduced stun time after casting skill.
Spallation Added resistance effect to ranged debuffs
Sayha’s Seer Wind Blend
Skill Lv 3~5 added. Skill cooldown time decreased.
Lv.3 10s Duration, Speed +100, 40s Cooldown
Lv.4 10s Duration, Speed + 100, 30s Cooldown
Lv.5 10s Duration, Speed +100, 25s Cooldown
Air Rush Reduced Knockdown time.


The attribute of the “Addiction State” that is activated with the 'Poison Zone' skill has been changed from Poison to Mental.
Lowered the success rate of the ‘Spatial Trap’ skill that is activated when using the ‘Warped Space' skill, since it was set too high.
Fixed issue where the ‘Switch Places’ skill was applied to characters with debuff immunity.
Changed the use requirement of Crush of Doom, Demolition Impact, Full Swing, Cleave, Guillotine Attack skills to equipping a sword/blunt weapon.
The following Servitors will no longer take XP:
  • Mew the Cat
  • Silhouette
  • Mirage the Unicorn
  • Dark Panther
  • Corrupted Man
  • Mechanic Golem
  • Big Boom
Fixed the issue where the ‘Mass Trick’ skill forcefully attacked all the targets within range.
Fixed the paralyzing effect for the ‘Lightning Strike’ skill.
Fixed the issue where the skill description didn’t show the increased time when the ‘Feral Bear Cry’ was enhanced.
Fixed the issue where characters got stuck in a door or passed through it when using Air Rush, Storm Rage, Distant Kick, or Pressure Punch.

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