Fishing System Revamp

Fishing System Revamp



The fishing system is now automated:
When a character moves to a fishing area, the ‘Start Fishing’ icon appears automatically.
The Fishing icon is displayed regardless of whether or not a Fishing Rod and Bait are 
Fishing starts automatically when the icon is clicked, but you must still have a fishing rod and bait equipped in order to begin fishing.
You must be level 85 and higher to fish.
New fish caught by fishing will give XP and SP.
Night fishing has been integrated into general fishing.
The Fishing Competition System has been deleted.
Changed the required items for fishing such as Fishing Rod, Bait, and Normal Fishing 
Shot (Prize-winning) to new items. 
New fishing items can be bought through the Fishing Guild Member:

New Fishing Rods:

Fishing Rod Price Acquisition Fishing Shot Consumed
Normal Fishing Rod (30-day) 6,000,000 Adena Purchase from Fishing Guild member 1 Fishing Shot
Sturdy Fishing Rod N/A Fishing Rewards 1 Fishing shot


New Bait:

Fishing Rod Price Acquisition Fish That Can Be Caught
Normal Bait 3,600 Adena Purchase from Fishing Guild member Fresh Fish
Special Bait N/A Fishing Rewards Shiny Fish
The old Fishing Rod, Bait, and Normal Fishing Shots can be exchanged for new the Fishing Rod and Adena through the Fishing Guild Member NPC.
Deleted fishing related skills, ‘Fishing’, ‘Reeling’, ‘Pumping’, and ‘Fishing Expertise’ skills.
  • Completely removed the existing fishing related skills (Expand Warehouse/Trade/Craft/Inventory Skills are NOT removed).
  • The Adena that was used to acquire fishing skills will be refunded to the Private Storage.
New fish have been added to the list of fish that can be caught by fishing.
  • The new fish can be exchanged for Stew or dismantled for other items by double-clicking.
  • The conversion to another item may fail, which will result in no items.
  • Crafted Fish and Fish Pearls earned by dismantling new fish can be exchanged for new reward items through the Fishing Guild Member NPC.
  • Existing fish and dismantled rewards can be exchanged for items through the Fishing Guild Member just like before.

Fishing Rewards

Normal Bait Special Bait
Fishing Rewards Dismantled Items (Probability) Fishing Rewards Dismantled Items (Probability)
Fresh Blue Mackerel Crafted Fish Fresh Marlin Fish Pearl
Fresh Minnow Crafted Fish Fresh Catfish Fish Pearl
Fresh Flatfish Crafted Fish Fresh Tuna Fish Pearl
Fresh Mandarin Fish Crafted Fish Fresh Carp Fish Pearl
Fresh Rockfish Crafted Fish Fresh Whale Fresh Whale Blubber
Fresh Goldfish Crafted Fish Silver Treasure Chest  
Fresh Salmon Crafted Fish Gold Treasure Chest
Fresh Eel Crafted Fish  
Wooden Treasure Chest  


Treasure Chest Rewards:

Treasure Chest Acquired Items
Wooden Treasure Chest
SP Scroll Box
Special Bait Pack
Silver Treasure Chest
SP Scroll Box
Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree
Sturdy Fishing Rod
Zodiac Agathion Pack (15-day)
Golden Treasure Chest
Radiant Zodiac Agathion Pack (30-day)
Twinkling Zodiac Agathion Pack (30-day)


The ingredients of recipes that required existing fishing items have been changed to new ingredients.
‘Whale Blubber’ and ‘Fish Jewel’ items, which are now unusable due to fishing renewal, can be exchanged for other reward items through the Fishing Guild Member NPC.
Changed the list of fishing items sold by the Fishing Guild Member NPC.
'Fantasy Fishing Dock' content has been removed.
  • Removed ‘Entrance Pass: Fantasy Isle Fishing Dock (1-hour)’ item.
  • The Goldeen NPC no longer appears while fishing.
There are only 14 locations where players can now fish:
Fishing Locations
Isle of Souls East Coast Gludio Castle Area
Iris Lake Town of Gludio Area
Around Coliseum Neutral Zone Area
Giran Harbor Coast Wasteland Southwest Coast
Plains of Lizardmen Area Fellmere Lake
Dion Castle Southwest Area Gludin Village West Coast
Oren Castle Area Town of Heine Area

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