Blazing Swamp

Blazing Swamp



The Blazing Swamp hunting zone has been changed to a solo hunting zone for characters above Lv. 97.
The monster’s status and type will change depending on the number of monsters defeated in a pit area. Below is a brief guide on the new Blazing Swamp Pit system:
A progress bar appears while hunting in various Pit areas:
Zones are visually indicated by pulsating ground texture:
The progress bar increases by 1 for each monster killed while standing in the pit area.
  • 200 Kills is the max amount of monsters for the progress bar.
Each pit has a separate memory counter for the number of killed monsters.  There is a slight delay in progress (5-10 seconds) after killing a monster.
When 200 monsters are defeated:
  • Pit changes to Defense Reduction Stage for 10 minutes.
  • Monsters receive "Defense Decrease" debuff.
    • Debuff Effect: The blazing energy weakens and reduces P./M. Def. by 20%
  • After 10 minutes, the Defense Reduction phase ends.
    • The pit then changes to Ifrit's Wrath stage for 10 minutes.
    • Monsters will be much stronger to all damage types, but are double XP/SP.

Depending on the number of monsters killed during Ifrit's Wrath stage:

  • You receive Fire Stigma Lv. 1 ~ Lv. 5 debuff.
  • The debuff causes a Blazing Saurus monster to randomly spawn while hunting.
Some raid bosses that were in the Blazing Swamp will no longer appear. The following are the raid bosses that have been removed:
  • Storm Winged Naga, Menacing Palatanos, Kernon’s Faithful Servant Kelone, Death Lord Ipos, and Meanas Anor.
  • The location of the Flamestone Giant that was placed in Blazing Swamp has been changed.

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