PIN Security System

Lineage II has implemented a new PIN system, which has also been used in other NCsoft West titles like Aion. This feature is a secondary password that is designed to thwart keyloggers and increase the security of your account.

Upon logging in to your account for the first time, choose a server, select a character, and click ‘start’ to log in as that character. You will see the following dialog box pop up:


Since you cannot use the keyboard to enter the PIN, key logging programs will not be able to track the number. The numbers change positions on the on-screen number pad each time you log in, so even programs that track the mouse cursor’s movement won’t be able to record what you’re doing.

pinsystem2.jpg pinsystem3.jpg pinsystem4.jpg

Enter your chosen PIN using your mouse, then click into the first box in the second row to enter it again. Once you have entered the same number twice, the OK button will become active. Note: Your PIN cannot contain sequential numbers or any numbers in a pattern. 




Click ‘OK’, and ‘OK’ again on the popup message confirming that you’ve set your PIN, and now you can enter your PIN for the first time and get into the game.  



You can change your PIN at any time using the “Change PIN” option on this screen, but keep in mind that you will need to have your current PIN in order to create a new one.




You will have to enter your PIN whenever you launch the game and are attempting to log in as a character for the first time in that play session.

You will not have to enter it again after logging out to Character Selection (without quitting the game) and when trying to log in again as the same character or another character. If you quit to desktop, you will have to re-enter the PIN.

All characters on an account, even across different servers, share the same PIN. Your account is locked for 8 hours before you can log in again. You can end the account lock out early by logging into your PlayNC Account and changing the PIN (see section below). If you do not wish to cancel the lockout, you can wait until the lockout time expires.

In the event that you forget your unique 8-number Character PIN that is requested at the character selection screen, it can be reset by visiting the Lineage II website and logging in to your master account.


Resetting Your Character PIN

When you first log in to your account, at the NCsoft Account Management page you should select Game Accounts, where you can manage your account passwords and subscription options.



After selecting your Lineage II account, in the actions tab, select Change Character PIN.



Once you are in the Change Character PIN screen, you enter your birth-date and can then enter your new 6-8 number PIN, confirm the PIN, enter the two word security check, and click Change PIN to finalize the change.




Once your Character PIN has been successfully changed you will be directed to the success message and given the option to return to Account Management.