Path to Awakening™


The Path to Awakening will propel you toward your destiny.

Receive free rewards at key milestones in the game to help you progress to higher levels faster than ever. As you journey to glory you will be guided along a clear path of attainable goals and given rewards for achieving those goals. This web guide will be your constant companion as you rise through the ranks toward the primary turning point in Goddess of Destruction at level 85...the Awakening!

The Path to Awakening can be found at or by clicking the following scroll:


What is Path to Awakening?

Path to Awakening is a new web based system that will reward you for your game progression and provide free items to help you level up faster than ever before. You'll also be introduced to key gameplay systems so you can maximize your Lineage II experience.

Item rewards are selected specifically to match the character level and map location in such a way that you can use the rewards to more quickly and effectively reach the next goal along the path. You no longer have to worry about grinding endlessly just to get a particular item you need to level up in Lineage II. Rewards are available from the start of the game until you reach level 76 with the last set helping you reach Awakening at level 85. Once Awakened, your skill level and familiarity with Lineage II will be strong enough that you can go out on your own to complete your adventure with confidence.

How does it work?

There are two ways to access the Path to Awakening: via direct link as listed above or via link from within the game. As you play through Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction™, you'll encounter a highlighted question mark (?) icon at certain points in the game. Click the '?' to open a window that contains a brief status message and direct link to the Path to Awakening website.

Once you reach the interactive Path to Awakening website, the functionality will vary depending on whether you log in or not. Before logging in, you can browse the map by clicking on the pushpins to reveal major goals along the path in the top half of the page or you can browse available rewards by clicking the item icons in the bottom half of the page.

PTA-Map.jpg PTA-rewards.jpg

There is also popup information available on the Path to Awakening site whether logged in or not. Simply click on one of the red pushpins in the map at the top to see additional details about which goal is associated with a particular location.


Within the rewards section at the bottom, simply click one of the reward icons to see the item name and description.


Taking full advantage of the primary function of Path to Awakening will require you to log in with your Lineage II game account and password (rather than NCsoft Master account). There is a log in section at the top as well as bottom of the page a shown below.


After clicking log in, you'll see the following:


If you don't have an account, there is a link provided to create one. Otherwise, after clicking the yellow Log In button, click drop down boxes to select the server name and character name of the character for which you'd like to check progress and claim rewards.


If you have created multiple characters on one or more servers, you can re-select either Server or Character drop down boxes to check progress across all your characters. Notice both the map and reward sections will change to match status of your selected character. Notice the Map now shows the completed portion of your path in yellow.

PTA-Map1.jpg PTA-progress.jpg

Within the Status column of the rewards section, what was formerly listed as 'Not Available' prior to log in, now reflects either 'Not Eligible', 'Claim Reward', 'Claimed' or 'Future Goal'. If your selected character has already surpassed a particular goal prior to launch of Goddess of Destruction, it will reflect 'Not Eligible' with the following asterisk comment at the bottom of the page:


If you've completed the goal following the launch of Goddess of Destruction, you can click the 'Claim Reward' button to immediately deliver the reward item or items to the Dimensional Merchant NPC in game for your character to pickup.


If the reward delivery is successful, you'll see the following message:


After clicking OK, you'll notice that particular reward is now marked as 'Claimed':


You can also see an example of 'Future Goal' status above, which is displayed when your selected character has not yet reached the listed Level Goal. Each time you claim a reward, the status message at the bottom of the page will be updated as well:


Once you've completed claiming available rewards, or if you'd like to log in with another Lineage II game account, click the 'Log Out' option within the black bar at the very top of the page:


NCsoft has designed the Path to Awakening specifically to increase the fun factor of Lineage II, reduce grind, and enable all players to reach the new high level content exclusive to Goddess of Destruction as quickly as possible. You'll find the rewards provide you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it most...and it's all free. Now, get into the game and start leveling so you can claim your rewards today!

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