NC Account Migration


What is the NC Account System?

NCSOFT introduces a new account management system, the NC Account, which will replace the NCSOFT Master Account system, beginning July 12, 2012. The NC Account unifies Aion and Lineage II game accounts so that they can share a mutual NCoin balance and other conveniences.

  • Email address is new account name: Each NC Account will be primarily identified by the player’s email address, which is unique to that account. The email address effectively becomes the account name and is used when logging in to your NC Account on the website, and your Aion or Lineage II game client.
  • One of each game per account: Each NC Account can contain one Aion game account and one Lineage II game account. Players with more than one Aion accounts or Lineage II accounts must create a separate NC Account (with its own unique email address) for each.

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Migration Will Be Required in the Future

Although NC Accounts can be created as of July 12, 2012, migration will be enabled at a later date.

Over the next few months, Aion and Lineage II players are asked to migrate their accounts to the new NC Account system. There is a grace period during which players with NCSOFT Master Accounts and NC Accounts can play their games and use all account functions. After the grace period ends, migration will be required before a player can play their Aion or Lineage II game, buy NCoin, or manage their account. The end date for the grace period will be announced in the future so that players are well-informed and can prepare for required migration.

The changeover to the NC Account system will involve account migration for existing players, and a new method for account creation for new players. This guide covers everything you need to know to get settled in to your NC Account and enjoy playing Lineage II.

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Serial Codes Will Not Migrate

Important: Serial codes and unclaimed items will not be transferred when you migrate your NCSOFT Master Account to the new NC Account system. Please be sure to use your serial codes, and apply and claim the related items (if applicable) on your character(s) before you migrate.

How to Check

Not sure if you applied a code or assigned the item(s) to a character? Here's how to check:

  1. Log in to your NCSOFT Master Account.
  2. Click on your Lineage II game account. If you have multiple Lineage II game accounts, be sure to repeat these instructions with each one.
  3. Click on Apply In-Game Items.
  4. Select the server and character you would want to give the code item(s) to. (Even if you're not sure who you'd want to give the item(s) to, you must choose one before you can view the list of items. You can backtrack later if you wish.)
  5. After selecting the character, you will either see a list of items you can apply, or you will see this message: "All available items or item packs have been given out to this character." If you see the message, that means you do not have any items that need to be claimed.

For example:

  • If you obtained a free item giveaway code during the 8th Anniversary Celebration, you can either apply the code to your account after you migrate, or if you've already applied the code, you need to assign the item to the server and character of your choice before you migrate. Once it is applied to a server and character the item awaits you on the Dimensional Merchant and you can collect it when you like, before or after migration.
  • If you have an NCoin Card or Game Time Card code that you wish to apply and cash-in for NCoin, you can either apply the code to your account after you migrate, or use the code (click on Use Serial Code in your game account profile) and be sure to apply the NCoin to a specific game account. Once it's applied to a game account, your balance will transfer intact.

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What Instructions Do I Follow?

Do you have an existing NCSOFT Master Account, or are you a brand new player with no account? (If you’ve ever played Lineage II before, you do already have an existing NCSOFT Master Account.)

I do not have an NCSOFT Master Account | I have an NCSOFT Master Account


I Do Not Have an NCSOFT Master Account

Create a new NC Account and activate your Lineage II game account by following these instructions.


I Have an NCSOFT Master Account (Migration Required)

It is necessary for you to migrate your Lineage II game accounts to the new NC Account system.

  1. For each Lineage II game account you have, you must create a new NC Account.
    • Remember, your email address is your new account name, so you can only use an email address on one NC Account.
  2. Important: If you have any serial codes on your NCSOFT Master Account, you must apply the serial codes to the game account and (if applicable) apply the items to a server and character before you migrate.
  3. Migrate your Lineage II account to your new NC Account.
    • If you have multiple Lineage II accounts, you can choose which game accounts will go to which NC Account.

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Create a New NC Account for Migration

These instructions are for users with existing NCSOFT Master Accounts and Lineage II accounts. If you are a brand new player with no account at all, follow the link above.

  1. Go to the NC Account Creation page.
  2. Fill out the form with your information.
    • Your email address becomes your new account name. You will use this when you log into your account profile or game.
    • The Display Name will be used to refer to your account without revealing your email address. This is not the same as your game account name or a forum name. In the future, social systems may be added to the NC Account system in which the Display Name comes into use.
  3. Click on Create NC Account.
  4. Verify your email address. This is very important! Your NC Account will be deleted if you do not verify your email address within 24 hours. To do this, go to your email account (the same email address as your account name) and open the email from titled “Please verify your email address.”
    • If you can’t find the email, you can request that a new one be sent. Or, you can change your email address to a different one and start over the verification process.


  1. In the email, click on the link provided.
  2. Your account has now been activated. Click "Login" and log in to your newly created NC Account.


Congratulations, you’ve finished creating your new NC Account!

Continue to Migrating Existing Game Accounts to Your New NC Account

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Migrate Existing Game Accounts to Your New NC Account

  1. Log in to your NCSOFT Master Account.
  2. You will be notified of the account management change. Click on Next.


  1. Enter a valid email address and click "Submit".


  1. Verify your email address. You can also change your email address or resend the verification email. 


  1. Click "Verify Now" to complete the process


  1. Confirm verification. 


  1. Click "Continue" to confirm the process and you're done!


  1. For those few that have multiple Lineage II or Aion game accounts on one PlayNC account, you'll have to choose which accounts you want to place on a single email.

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Take a Tour of Your NC Account Management System

From your NC Account pages you can do a lot, and you can buy NCoin from any page!

Account Profile

  • Change your account name (email address) or Display Name once every 90 days.
  • Change your NC Account password. This is the same password you use when logging into the game.
  • Change your security questions.
  • Manage your authorized locations
  • Add or manage your game accounts.
  • Update your account’s contact information.
  • Purchase NCoin.
  • View your NCsoft messages. 


Use Serial Code

  • Enter in serial codes of Game Time Cards, item codes, or other NCSOFT- or NCoin-related vouchers.
  • Apply items from item codes to the character of your choice.


Billing Summary

  • Add, change, or remove the credit card you have on file.
  • Adjust the 30-day spending limit for the card you have on file.
  • Review your NCoin purchase history
  • Review your NCoin spending history to see what items you’ve purchased with NCoin.


Lineage II Game Account Homepage

  • Enjoy useful links, such as ones to the official Lineage II website, the support service, and the forums.
  • Download the game if you haven’t already.
  • Change your character PIN.
  • Go straight to your personalized Path to Awakening.
  • Apply in-game items.
  • Purchase NCoin.
  • Apply serial code.


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